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HoliBlogger Central: Your Trip Planning Guide

By Josh at Holiday World

Have you heard of the HoliBloggers?

They’re bloggers, parents, and Holiday World enthusiasts who have partnered with us to share their experiences and visits to the park. Over the past two seasons, each of our HoliBloggers have written blog posts about a wide range of topics.

The topics they’ve covered make planning a trip to Holiday World a breeze! Whether it’s your first, or just your first of the year.

We call this blog post HoliBlogger Central. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll see everything you need to know and a full list of topics that our bloggers have covered.

Their blog posts cover topics like planning a trip to the park, making the trip to see us, visiting with kids, information on food and snacks at the park, and more!

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, or you’ve been visiting for years and just want the inside scoop from Season Passholders, HoliBlogger Central has something for everyone.

Click any blog post to read more right from these Holiday World experts!

A family rides the Howler roller coaster. They're smiling and have their hands in the air.
A family rides the Howler roller coaster.
Riders flip upside down in an inline roll on Thunderbird
Riders flipping upside down on Thunderbird!

Be sure to come back to the HoliBlog regularly for more updates from our bloggers. We’re now accepting applications for our new class of HoliBloggers and should introduce them as we get closer to Opening Day.

As a reminder, each HoliBlogger post will include a ticket giveaway where you can enter to win a pair of tickets to visit Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. What’s not to love?