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Christmas Ornaments in July

By HoliBlogger Tara S.

It might be the holiday season all year long in Santa Claus, Indiana, but Christmas in July has finally arrived at Holiday World and it’s the perfect time of year to begin a new family tradition.

This tradition is simple to start and one that will spread even more holiday cheer each year as you are putting up Christmas decorations. It’s a fun way to add to your display of Christmas ornaments, too!

HoliBlogger Tara and her kids celebrate Christmas in July at Holiday World

Christmas Ornaments in July

My family has been getting Christmas ornaments when we travel for many years now. We have ornaments from places all over the country and even some from across the pond. Basically whenever we go on vacation we find a new ornament for our tree. Then we create a holiday display to highlight and remember our travels throughout the year(s). Our ornaments are either placed on our main tree (with all of our other ornaments), or some years we even have all of the travel ornaments displayed together on a separate tree.

A travel tree!

Disney ornament on HoliBlogger Tara's Travel Tree
Holiday World ornament on HoliBlogger Tara's Travel Tree.
Spring Mill State Park ornament on HoliBlogger Tara's Travel Tree.

How to Start a New Family Tradition at Holiday World

Holiday World actually makes it really easy to begin this family tradition so I think that it’s the best place to start collecting. After all, Holiday World is all about Christmas so naturally you will find a large variety of the best Christmas ornaments. I’m willing to bet you can find the perfect ornament for your tree at Holiday World!

When you arrive through the theme park gates you’ll find St. Nick’s Trading Company off to the right. This gift shop is divided up into 3 rooms of souvenirs. From hats and t-shirts with the Holiday World logo to holiday decor, it’s the right place to find some really great best sellers when it comes to holiday swag. You’ll also be able to spy a special gift or two so be sure to get some of your holiday shopping down early. Even perfect stocking stuffers and other great gift ideas that you won’t find anywhere else!

In the first room of the shop you’ll find so many holiday ornaments hanging on artificial Christmas trees. Holiday World has so many unique Christmas ornaments for family members to choose from. There are cute ornaments with woodland animals, ones with just a little sparkle, rustic look wooden ornaments, glass Christmas ornaments, baubles to match any color scheme and even throwbacks to Old World Christmas style.

HoliBlogger Tara's daughter picking out an ornament.
HoliBlogger Tara's toddler daughter picking out an ornament.
HoliBlogger Tara's sons picking out ornaments.

We all picked out a new ornament for our tree to remember our time at Holiday World.

During your time at Holiday World make a point to find Christmas ornaments to commemorate the trip in your favorite style. Our family personally likes to have an assortment of different types of travel ornaments, making our tree unique and eclectic.

HoliBlogger Tips

Did you find the perfect Christmas tree ornaments right when you walk into Holiday World but not quite ready to leave the park? You can have your purchases left for you at Guest Services and simply pick up the items at the end of the day as you are heading home. Guest Services is at the front of the park and directly across from the St. Nick’s Trading Company. So it’s really quite convenient!

Didn’t get a Holiday World ornament while in the park? You can actually purchase the in shop ornaments online in the HoliShop.

Combine your vacation keepsake ornaments with other special occasions that you are celebrating. Be it an ornament to commemorate your new home, baby’s first Christmas or just something to get you into the holiday spirit in advance, you’ll find that special tree decoration at St. Nick’s.

Time to Decorate!

A tree filled with Holiday World Christmas ornaments. I envision displaying this tree each year with only our Holiday World collection on its branches. A beautiful reminder of our family’s season as HoliBloggers.

HoliBlogger Tara's ornaments on her Travel Christmas Tree.
HoliBlogger Tara's Travel Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas in July!

Be sure to have the best time ringing in Christmas in July at Holiday World! I hope that this new family tradition helps to add a beautiful addition to your Christmas season each year!