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6 Ways to Stay Cool at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

By HoliBlogger Alli A.

1. Stop by a Restaurant

One way we like to cool off and also take a little break, is to stop into a restaurant for lunch, dinner or even just a snack. Our family’s favorite is Santa’s Merry Marketplace. No matter what you’re craving, this place has it! With such diverse offerings, everyone was able to get exactly what they needed to enjoy while cooling off and fueling up for the rest of the day, on our last visit. We also enjoyed free ice cold unlimited soft drinks.

2. Enjoy Some Dippin’ Dots

A delicious, unique treat and also a great way to beat the heat, is Dippin’ Dots! These can be found all over the park, but the Dippin’ Dots Sundae Shop is a nice, air-conditioned way to enjoy this heavenly treat and is located in the Thankgiving section. They have a wide variety of flavors to try, but favorite this season has been Cookies & Cream!

3. Sip on a Lemon Shake Up

My go to treat every time the Fair comes to town is a Lemon Shake Up and I love that I can get this refreshing drink while exploring Holiday World. If you don’t want any break in the action, a Lemon Shake Up is a great way to cool off on the go! The stand is located in 4th of July, and they squeeze the lemons right in front of you to make sure it’s as fresh as possible.

HoliBlogger Alli's husband enjoying a Lemon Shake-Up
A Lemon Shake-Up in 4th of July.

4. Indulge in Some Ice Cream

I associate 4th of July with the peak of summer, and I think one of everyone’s favorite ways to beat the heat in July, is with a delicious ice cream cone! It’s just so fitting that Udderly Blue Ice Cream is located in the 4th of July area and is my son’s favorite treat to enjoy while cooling off. There are several tables with umbrellas to get out of the sun for a little while. On our last visit, we got the Birthday Party Cone, which is the most photogenic ice cream cone I’ve ever seen. Pair that with the Instagram worthy wall on the side of the stand, and you’ll be using #nofilter when positing the perfect picture.

HoliBlogger Alli's son enjoying an ice cream cone.
An ice cream cone with sprinkles.

5. Swing into a Gift Shop

There are shops in every area of Holiday World, and walking in to browse for a couple minutes is an excellent way to enjoy a little air-conditioning and get out of the sun. My husband always wears a hat to keep the sun out of his face, and if he forgets it, the gift shop is one of our first stops of the day.

6. Splashin’ Safari

I can’t talk about ways to cool off at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and not mention the absolute best way to cool off at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari! With your ticket, you get two parks for the price of one, and one of those parks is dedicated to keeping you cool! There is no right way to have the perfect day at the park, but my family likes to spend the first half of the day exploring Holiday World and then spending the afternoon cooling off at Splashin’ Safari.

HoliBlogger Alli's son in a tube in Bahari River.
HoliBlogger Alli's son running through the spray jets in Safari Sam's SplashLand.

Safari Sam’s SplashLand is hands down, my son’s favorite area. It has a wonderful splash pad area and a shallow pool with several different water slides. The whole area is perfect for younger children and the slides provide the perfect amount of fun for guests who aren’t quite tall enough or ready for the amazing larger slides and water coasters the park has to offer.

My husband, on the other hand, could float around the Bahari River, all day long. The river even has smaller tubes and life jackets available so our toddler can come along. My husband and son LOVE going under all the waterfalls and fountains. We’ve made great memories floating around the Bahari River and it’s definitely a top way for our family to stay cool.