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From Dots to Drones: Holidays in the Sky Comes to Life

By HoliBlogger Stephanie R.

Previewing the Show

I had the opportunity to see Holidays in the Sky in dot format before seeing the show in person.

What do I mean by that? I mean the animation that is used in the planning stages of the show that’s used to program the little guys to make the shapes you see in the sky.

You might say, “Stephanie, wouldn’t that ruin the in person show for you?” And to that I say, “It absolutely did not ruin it for me.” And let me tell you why!

Each dot on the screen each represents one drone. For example, this video clip shows one of the animations for the Christmas portion of the show. It shows Santa Claus riding off into the sky and dropping presents behind him.

When you see the show in person, it takes up a huge portion of the sky and not just a small box on a laptop screen. You can see the rotation of the reindeer. They don’t just disappear into the night sky. They rotate and appear to fly off at an angle.

In person, you get the full surround sound music to accompany the drone show – and the music does so perfectly. You get the ambiance of all the “Oohs” and “Aahs” from the crowd.

And you get an occasional laugh. Like during the Halloween section of the show. I won’t ruin it for you. But it involves Frankenstein’s monster, and it was my favorite part.

Finally, you get to experience the fireworks that are timed to go off during different parts of the show. They’re the icing on the cake and some extra oomph to the drone show. You get them at the expected New Year’s Eve portion of the show.

What Did We Think?

If you were to ask the three children who were with us for Holidays in the Sky what their favorite parts were, their answers are as follows:

  • The DJ dance party with the glow-in-the-dark floor!
  • The Christmas to New Year’s Transition that the drones do
  • The Frankenstein surprise for Halloween

The adults loved those parts as well.

We also loved the Elevated Experience that came with premium seating for the DJ Dance Party and drone show. I’m not a huge crowd person so I appreciated the guaranteed seat.

It was also really nice at the end of a hot day to have bottles of water and snacks! Definitely don’t miss the drone show on your next visit and consider upgrading to the Elevated Experience!