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The Best Rides When You’re Too Short for Coasters

By HoliBlogger Jamie J.

Last year was an exciting one for my eight-year-old son. He finally reached a height of 48 inches and could ride roller coasters at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. He spent much of his summer on the Legend, the Voyage, the Raven, and Cheetah Chase. The smile never left his face.

My youngest son is still too short to ride the roller coasters. But that didn’t bring down the fun level this summer. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari have over thirty rides and slides for your kids under 48 inches. There is something for children of all heights – from the tilt-a-whirl to the tea party!

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari measure height differently. All guests are carefully measured with shoes on in Holiday World and with shoes off in Splashin’ Safari. Height requirements are strictly enforced on all rides and attractions.

There is also a Height Measurement Station located in each park. In Holiday World, it is across from the Christmas Fountain. In Splashin’ Safari, it is next to Watubee. Your child will be measured at the station, and you can also get a height wristband for them to wear throughout the day.

Guests Under 36 Inches

What is available for the youngest Holiday World guests under 36 inches? I recommend visiting Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch and Holidog’s Fun Town. The Reindeer Ranch has five different rides your little one can choose from. This includes the classic Dancer’s Fish, my favorite when I was a kid, and Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round, a junior-sized merry-go-round.

Holidog’s Fun Town includes plenty of playground fun with Holidog’s Treehouse and Just For Pups. You can also hop on the Holidog Express for a train ride through Mother Goose Land.

Just for Pups | Best Rides When You're Too Short for Coasters

Want to cool down at Splashin’ Safari? Try out the slides at Tembo Falls! This attraction, with eight junior water slides, keeps the kids happy and laughing. And don’t worry, these slides end with a “run out,” so there aren’t any splash pools.

Guests Over 36 Inches

So, what else is available for the little ones that are too short for the roller coasters? How about a junior roller coaster? Head over to Holidog’s Fun Town and get on the Howler! This coaster is fun for the entire family. And a definite favorite for my youngest. Of course, your child will require a riding companion if they aren’t 42 inches. Bonus – they can ride two times in a row!

Another favorite for the entire family is Frightful Falls. This classic log ride takes you on a graveyard tour before heading up a big hill that will surely make a big splash at the bottom. Make sure you check out the hilarious photos of your family when they get splashed!

Now that you’re already wet, it’s time to head to Splashin’ Safari to “Do the Watubee.” This is a fun water slide that everyone in the family will enjoy. After you walk up the steps to the top of the six-story tower, your family will get in a large raft and slide into exciting twists and turns. Six hundred and twenty-five feet later, you will land in the splash pool. Your little ones will surely want to ride this one over and over!

Watubee | The Best Rides When You're Too Short for Coasters

Make sure you go online to check out all the rides and attractions Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer. We can’t wait to see you next season!