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Holiday World Attractions for All Ages

By HoliBlogger Tara S.

There are Holiday World attractions galore at everyone’s favorite Santa Claus land. So many different family rides that everyone can enjoy together. There is seriously something for everyone in the entire family.

And so many opportunities for the whole family to spend time together!

Holiday World Attractions for All Ages

As far as amusement parks go, not all are made the same. The amusement industry isn’t always designed for everyone. Some parks are lacking when it comes to attractions that are for everyone. We’ve had previous park battles on our family vacations.

Take it from me, as a mom of 4 we’ve been to parks where the youngest of the crew has absolutely nothing to do the entire day but hang out in a stroller. Holiday World, in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana, is not that type of park. It’s as if the goal is to make sure that all ages enjoy the park. Together.

This combination theme park (world’s first theme park that celebrates the various holidays and has an enormous water park) is all about families being able to have fun spending time together.

Who can ride which rides?

Almost immediately to the right after you enter the park (just beyond the Christmas shop) you’ll find a height measuring station. I recommend stopping off here when you arrive to see which rides all the members of your family can go on. Then you can plan accordingly and not be faced with finding out at the ride.

HoliBlogger Tara's kids at the height measurement station

Holiblogger Mom Tip: This avoids a child being upset with being turned away at the entrance of a ride if the child isn’t tall enough. It’s best to check and know from the get-go. Less fuss and more time to focus on all the other fun rides that the child can go on!

But first… More than just rides!

When it comes to discussing attractions for everyone to enjoy together at Holiday World, I wanted to begin with the live entertainment options. These particular family attractions are perfect for everyone in the entire family.

HoliBlogger Tara's son

A great way to spend time together and not have to separate on rides that aren’t inclusive of all ages.

There are various show times that take place throughout the park so be sure to check the schedule. My oldest child had a grand time over the summer being part of the ventriloquist show!

Rides for the entire family in each park section

There are several rides and attractions that families can all enjoy together all at the same time!

Christmas Section

In the Christmas section of the park you’ll find the perfect rides for the small children and toddlers in your family, but a couple of the rides will accommodate older children. Perfect for various ages to enjoy together!

Halloween Section

While some of the rides might be too intense for the littlest in your crew, the Halloween area of the park is filled with fun games to play.

HoliBlogger Tara's son playing Raven's Ring Toss

Thanksgiving Section

Everyone in the family can enjoy Gobbler Getaway. Compete against each other with calling the turkeys home to save Thanksgiving!

Fourth of July Section

There’s actually quite a bit in this section that the entire family can enjoy together. Everyone will have a great time taking a ride on the vintage cars on the Lewis & Clark Trail and the carousel.

HoliBlogger Tara and her daughters on the carousel
HoliBlogger and her Tara and her daughter on Lewis & Clark Trail

Then at the back of the 4th of July section of the park there’s an entire play area with rides for young children to explore called Holidog’s FunTown. Older members of the family can go on all the rides, too. There’s even a little train ride!

Splashin’ Safari is the water coaster capital of the world!

Wave pools are always great places for families of all ages to congregate to cool off. In Splashin’ Safari Water Park there are two wave pools to explore: The Wave and Bahari Wave. Both have varying depths for different comfort levels depending on age of family member.

There are also numerous family raft rides to be found in this really big water park, including a relaxing lazy river.

The taller, older and more adventurous in the family will be drawn to the various water coasters. Particularly Cheetah Chase and Mammoth water coaster that has six-passenger boats so many family members can ride together.

While the little ones of the family won’t be able to take on the water rides with the steepest drops, there is an entire area with water activities for them to explore in. Toddlers can spend hours with water jets shooting out of the ground! There are also numerous family water slides that are perfect for all ages.

HoliBlogger Tara's daughter in Kima Bay

And of course the little ones floating around the lazy river with an adult is always a win for cooling off!

Rides for the bigger kids:

If the taller members of your crew are interested in more of the thrill rides (say while the little ones are napping), Holiday World has got ’em!  Wooden roller coasters, longest water coasters, wing roller coaster fun, and the above mentioned Mammoth water coaster just to name a few. You’ll find the majority of the rides for thrill seekers in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Splashin’ Safari.

There truly is something for everyone to enjoy at Holiday World! And you can really spend your vacation all together as a family.