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7 Things to Know About the Games at Holiday World

By HoliBlogger Samantha K.

We know the rides and slides at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari are out of this world, but let’s not forget about the fun family games throughout the park. There are games perfect for everyone in the family.

To say my family is competitive is an understatement. When we took our extended family on our last visit to the park, the gameplay got very serious. Not just to win the biggest prizes but for bragging rights that we knew would last the rest of the family functions this year.

There are some almost secret (but not really) things you should know when it comes to the games at Holiday World to get the most out of them.

1. Purchase A Games Playbook for Savings & Perks

For $20, the Games Playbook comes with $25 in Games Bucks (redeemed on any of the games with the exception of Skeeball) plus $15 in additional coupons. Use the gaming coupons paired with the Games Bucks to maximize the benefits.

PLAYBOOK BONUS: The book also comes with one single-person, single-use Quick Access Pass! What is a Quick Access Pass, you ask? It is presented at the ride exit to skip the line! The pass is valid on any Holiday World ride or one of Splashin’ Safari’s water coasters.

Holiday World Games Playbook | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

2. Win A Quick Access Pass at Pumpkin Planko

Speaking of the Quick Access Pass, did you know you can win this pass in one of the games? Head to Halloween to play Pumpkin Planko for your chance to win up to four Quick Access Passes!

Pumpkin Planko | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

3. You May Not Have to Carry Your Big Wins All Day

If you are lucky enough to win one of those big prizes, ask the attendant if there is availability at the front of the park to store your prize for later pickup. There is no extra cost, and if you still have rides to go on, it is very convenient to store the big items at the front gate to grab when you are on the way out. Please note availability is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Most Popular Game – The Raven’s Ring Toss

Right in the middle of Halloween, you will find the home of the most popular game in the park. Not only is it the most popular game, but it is also the toughest of them all. When you walk by, you will immediately know why. The huge stuffed prizes hanging above the hundreds of glass jars sure do draw in a crowd.

My kids were determined to win a huge snake. This meant each time we played, we got a Fedora filled with rings (bonus: you get to keep the hat). I am pretty sure we played at least fifteen times this season and still haven’t won. Hopefully, 2023 will be our year to take home the big prize.

Raven's Ring Toss | 7 Things to Know About Holiday World's Games

5. Basketball Games Are A Slam Dunk with Guests

Do you ever notice how many kids are walking around the park dribbling a basketball? Well, that’s because they are a desired prize to the other popular game. There are several different basketball shooting games around the park to win a basketball of your own in various sizes. Fun fact: The most popular basketballs that often go out-of-stock are designs that include Holiday World, money, and an eight ball.

Basketball Game | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

6. Automatic Win Games for Younger Children

If you have younger kids, you know how it can be when they don’t win a prize. Luckily, Holiday World has amazing games for younger children so they can be a winner every time. You can find them in 4th Of July (Duck Pond at Boston Tea Party and Holidog’s HammerTime) and in Halloween (Fried Frogs at Merlin’s Castle and Pumpkin Planko). The Duck Pond is one of the most popular games for the younger crowd, so be sure to give it a go with your little ones.

7. Game Perks for Season Passholders

Check to see if there are any perks with your Season Pass. In 2022, Passholders received three game deals: 10 Balls for $5 at Milk Cans, $5 “Fedora Full o’ Rings” at The Raven’s Ring Toss, and 5 Balls for $3 at Wacky Cats. To claim each deal, just mention it to the cashier and present your Season Pass to be scanned. Each deal was available once for each Passholder this year. *Item subject to change based on availability.

The game locations can be found on the park map. They are a great way for the family to take a break from the rides and win some souvenirs to take home from each visit to the park.

Do you have a favorite game or prize?