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Top of the World

View from the Top of Voyage
View from the top of The Voyage

On your average day at Holiday World, thousands of guests take in the spectacular views from the top of The Voyage‘s lift hill.

Not many get to experience it for more than a few seconds though. They’re typically enjoying the ride, getting ready for that first drop, and deciding if they want to throw their hands in the air or not.

On my most recent trip to the top of the hill, I wasn’t riding in the train. I took the stairs.

Maybe I should back up and explain.

This year, we started offering premium Keys to the World tours a few days a week. It includes a walk to the top of The Voyage’s lift hill and behind-the-scenes tour at Thunderbird.

I got to tag along with a writer who was working on an article about our EarlyBird tour. As a coaster enthusiast, nothing could have delighted me more.

The journey

We leave the station heading out beside the track that I’m so familiar with. The lift hill looks a little taller than I remember it being.

As we start our ascent, I quickly learn that Voyage’s trains makes the climb look so effortless. When you take the 310 steps to the top, it’s a little more challenging. Our group stops half way up the hill to take in the views, and, more importantly, catch our breath. Before I know it, we arrive at the top.

My legs may feel rubber, but all that effort was worth it.

Okay, back to the tour.

Rainbow over Splashin' SafariWhen you’ve reached the highest point on any attraction, you really are on top of the World. The whole park is sprawled out below you. You’re in the company of those iconic flags proudly waving in the wind. I snap a picture of the first drop while still clutching the handrail beside me.

The unexpected part of the view that morning? A rainbow appeared over Splashin’ Safari.

After a few minutes and lots of pictures later, our group started the trip back to the station. Thunderbird was calling us.

The EarlyBird tour also included a look into the Will Power building to learn about the flywheel that launches Thunderbird’s trains, a look around the ride’s maintenance bay, plus the first flight of the day!

Maybe I’ll share some of those details and pictures later.

You can still book an EarlyBird tour for 2019. It’s available on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays through August 4!

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