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Get Ready for HoliBlogger Central

By Josh Moore

Today is Blogger Day. And we’re celebrating that here on the HoliBlog.

Our blog was started way back in April 2005. Back before Holiday World had a Thanksgiving section. Back before The Voyage and Thunderbird’s iconic silhouettes were part of our skyline.

The HoliBlog looked a little different when it launched in 2005.
The HoliBlog used to look a little different.

We’ve had a lot of contributors to our blog over the years.

I remember being nervous about adding my voice to the mix back in 2017 when I joined the Communications Team. I quietly made my blogging debut here in August talking about operating Reindeer Games in a blog post called “My Second First Day” and then turned my attention to Happy Halloween Weekends with blog posts about transforming the park for our fall event and tackling our corn maze. Since then, I’ve gone on to blog about a wide range of topics to help our Guests plan a trip to Holiday World and help pull back the curtain.

This year, I had the honor of contributing to the HoliBlog in a different way.

Early this spring, I launched the HoliBlogger program. I was in search of bloggers who could help tell Holiday World’s story through their eyes. And I picked 7 wonderful bloggers to join the ranks of those who have written for the HoliBlog.

And you can read all about this year’s story-tellers in a blog post I wrote called “Introducing the HoliBloggers.”

It’s been a joy working with them to decide on which topics are the best for them to cover, putting their stories into the HoliBlog, and sharing those blog posts with all our Guests and fans online. I still get excited each time I open my email inbox and see that one of the HoliBloggers has sent me a new blog post that I’ll be able to add to the HoliBlog.

I want to ensure that their stories are still easy to find, so I’m introducing the first version of what I’m calling HoliBlogger Central. It’s a single location where I’ll group all of the published blog posts into easy-to-navigate categories to help find the topics that are most interesting to you or most helpful if you’re planning a trip to Holiday World.

Trust me when I say that we’ll have to add more categories as the year goes on, and some blogs may move around or may be included in more than one list.

So here goes. Welcome to the first version of HoliBlogger Central.

Planning A Trip to Holiday World

Visiting with Kids

Tasty Treats For Your Visit

Making the Trip to Holiday World

Telling A Story with Pictures

And even though our drone and fireworks spectacular has come to an end this year, you can still read all about it thorough these blog posts.

All About Holidays in the Sky

Be sure to follow along with the HoliBloggers. They’ll continue to bring fresh content through next spring, so you’ll want to check back regularly.

They still have a ton of stories to tell, but some topics you’ll see them writing about in the coming months include:

  • The Best Rides When You’re Too Short for Coasters
  • Tips for A Sensory Friendly Visit
  • How to Plan An Awesome Date Day, and
  • The Holiday World Ride & Slide Challenge

Plus, each HoliBlogger post will include a giveaway where you can enter to win a pair of tickets to visit Holiday World. What’s not to love?

Happy Blogger Day, everyone!