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Veteran’s Day 2021

“Thank You.”

The phrase seemed insufficient and I felt unworthy as I wrote down the names, military branch, and years of service of each of the men pictured.

Standing before me was a combined 70 years of military service.

They were the only words I had, but thanks and on behalf of our veterans, we have such a great country to call our home.
We want to acknowledge our very own team members who have answered the call to serve our country.
We offer up our sincerest appreciation to you!

Our veterans from left to right front row:

  • Elmer, United States Army
  • Jerry, United States Army
  • Todd, United States Army
  • Ethan, United States Army
  • Billy, United States Army

Our veterans from left to right back row:

  • John, United States Coast Guard
  • Jeremy, United States Marine Corp

  • Josh, United States Marine Corp
  • Jeff, United States Army National Guard
  • Josh, United States Army
  • Joe, United States Air Force

Thank you to these – and all other veterans – for their service to our country.

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