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Podcast: Season 2, Episode 13 The One where The Emcee Plays the Game

Chad stuck with us for Episode 13 where we share feedback from our HoWoPo fans, Josh made his on-air debut,  AND we rolled out a new game!

Enjoy Season 2, Episode 13 almost anywhere podcasts are found!


 Josh is our Digital Communications Strategist and he came prepared to squeak in with his pup’s toy for our game, Underrated or Overrated. (Shhh…don’t tell Luna!)

Although this is his on-air debut, Josh plays a big role in making the podcast happen! 

We jumped into feedback with Lindsay T’s great question!
Please comment below if you have a name for yourselves!

Holiwood kNight’s came up, reminding us that 2020 has really smelled of elderberries.
Soon we’ll have a fresh date and our quest will be back on course!
Until then, helped us estimate the airspeed velocity of an unladen 

We enlightened Chad about the LIFE ALTERING magic of the Snipping Tool. 

A Dole Whip War was started, but we could all agree that we can’t wait until this kid gets to try our coasters and Dole Whip!

In a previous episode, we’d asked HoWoPo faithful David for pictures of Kevin.
This cuteness couldn’t be described on air, so we’re glad we could share it here:

We’ll be here for Holiwood Nights, Scottcro1980! We hope to see you there on its new date.

Special thank you to Chad for joining us for three episodes!
We had a blast recording with you and can’t wait to have you back soon!

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