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Podcast: The One Where We Attempted to Crowdsource

I just wanted to remind our podcast faithful that with the new format, the PodSquad gathers and records our episodes in advance. Since recording this episode, Leah has released a COVID-19 statement that includes updates on the events referenced in this episode. We hope you enjoy this episode, we look forward to seeing you in June!

Episode TEN is available now!

As the title of this podcast implies, we switched up our feedback episode with some crowdsourced content from our Season Passholder Group.

Everyone wanted to know more about the Platinum Passholder Preview Party, also known as Camp Holidog, before this podcast released our seasoned passholders jumped in to answer questions.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear all the details from Lauren, just keep in mind that details are still being reworked for 2020, but we will definitely have something special in store for our Platinum Passholders!

When it comes to feedback, our people on Twitter never disappoint.
Especially our good buddy Sabatka:

We don’t believe Kima got repainted, but possibly a really great powerwash.

We could see Matt B. masterminding Nic B. at CoasterOdyssey’s image above into a t-shirt concept!

Did you know we have a podcast email address where you can send your feedback and questions?

We got this email from Jeremie Kowalik:
Good afternoon,
My question is, have you guys ever thought about bringing back the walkback to the spaghetti bowl portion of Voyage? Maybe as an auctioned walkback tour? I didn’t start attending the even until after Thunderbird was built (which is when the walkback got trimmed a bit) but I’ve always been interested in going to the spaghetti bowl portion of Voyage on a talkback. 
Many thanks, can’t wait for May 29th!
 Jeremie Kowalik

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