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Podcast: The One with Some More Feedback

The HoWoPo faithful really know how to make the PodSquad feel special!

In the last feedback episode we caught up on an entire YEARS worth of feedback, luckily we are all caught up to 2020!

Season 2, Episode 7 is available NOW!
Enjoy the podcast yourself to hear more and to see which arbitrary holidays the PodSquad discusses:

Sorry we made you wait so long Sammy, but the wait is over!

Shout out to Thrilling Moments Photograph for always capturing great shots of our attractions.
BobCoasterBlog we cannot wait to meet you!

Nic B, we appreciate the love and we too are ready for Holiwood kNights 2020!

@michael_b0ndy76 we appreciate your enthusiasm, it’s good to be back!

Never stop pressuring Rentz for that tattoo, Coaster Dean! #BlameRentzForever

Best use of a viral photo goes to CoasterOdyssey:

Lindsay T, you know us too well!

@CoasterOdyssey, thank you for the reminder of this greatness:

Thank you Carsten, there’s no higher compliment than that.

Thank you, @RibsinBacon! We don’t wield supreme power of the name badges but we have passed up the hierarchy.

R.I.P. to the coasters that no longer coast!

Thank you for the love! We need a picture of that baby, David!

We really appreciate it, Coaster101 <3

Matt agrees that Big Red on tap should definitely have a presence in our park!

I think you have us beat David “Monster Mania” Weihe!!

@Coaster101, we cannot wait for you guys to see the Made To Thrill gear they made for us!

Mick Foley is a friend of Holiday World and our legendary Paula.

We are so glad you love the new HR building as much as we do!

In addition to all the #HoWoPo feedback on Twitter we now have an official Podcast email account where you can send feedback! Reach us by sending your messages to

Chris Miller wrote:
Hi, I just wanted to say I’m glad the podcast is back. I enjoy listening.

Thank you for the short and sweet note, Chris!

Eddie Grant wrote:
Hey. First of all long time listener, first time emailed but in glad the #HoWoPo is back.   You might know me as elgrante on Twitter but Im the guy who had the Batman Halloween costume you liked and facetiously said that all them mentions of Paducah made it the other “bacon” from season 1. Anyway, my game idea is ”Two truths and a Ride”  ( or 2 trips and a ride) It’s basically a twist on 2 truths and a lie.   Using any random/fun interesting facts from rides, the park or it’s history and one that sounds true but is totally made up. And pod squad members (and listeners ) have to guess which is the fake. Or flip it where we have to guess which is fact. It  Could even be tied to theme of the episode.  Fun interesting and quasi educational and keeping park history alive. I think Paula would be honored. Game play can be quick or not. It’s up to you Anyway. Looking forward to listening no matter the game you glad to have you back. Ya’ll were missed!
Eddie Grant

We love that game idea and we think you are on to something!

Alex Chubokas wrote us to share some love AND solve the great mystery of how to pronounce his last name. We can now rest easy!
First off I need to preface this email with the fact that the first three podcasts dropped while I was running on the treadmill at the gym. Needless to say I got a lot of strange looks while I squeeked louder than the oboe and almost fell off at a very high speed. No injuries pursued. Second a huge congrats to all involved here. To Leah, congrats on the new position. To Lauren, congrats on the new one on the way. To Matt, congrats on being on the podcast again. A note to Paula. If you wouldn’t mind passing it along to her. Congratulations on the retirement and I hope nothing but the best to you and your family. The years of you ruling over the folks at the podcast were great. Thank you for all of the laughs, the joy of seeing a new episode drop, and thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you have done in the industry. You will be deeply missed by all and hope to hear your familiar voice make an appearance with the podsquad. I admit I had no idea Leah was taking over but I had a feeling. For a while I’ve been wanting to write a short story about the podcast and I recently started writing it with some crazy ideas I had. It starts off as Leah taking the throne(Paulas chair) and to hear it was actually her hosting now I got excited. Expect a riveting story about the big green foot, the PodSquad and bacon coming soon. Thank you all for everything you have done in the past and I look forward to everything you guys do in the future. Much love from Sandusky Ohio. Also my last name is pronounced chew-bow-kiss. But I’ll accept any pronunciation of it. I won’t get offended. I’ve heard them all. 

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LEAH:  And we’re back. Welcome back to season two of the official holiday world podcast. This is season two, Episode Seven, the one with some more feedback. Today’s Friday, January 17. For us, but we expect to release this episode March 2. First of all, in case you didn’t know we teased the return of the podcast before we actually got started with this are teasing started December 5, and by December 13 we already had Sammy NASS at n a a s underscore Samuel on December 13, saying Hey, hold the world can we have a date the pod squad will be back. I really cannot wait for season two. Well, we made him wait till January but you know, we got sorry. 

MATT: Here we are.
LEAH:  We heard from thrilling moments photography, who I don’t think cared when the podcast episode aired, but you know, a couple of Thunderbird pictures. I’m telling you guys if you haven’t checked out early moments photography, you need to check it out. Am I right? Yes. Someone commented on that, that they can’t wait to attend their first holiwood nights in May so

LEAH: We can’t wait to have them, excited about that. Yes, And I will technically still be on maternity leave.

MATT: You forgot hahah at the end.

LEAH: We’re gonna be flying Lauren-less for Holiwood Nights

LAUREN: I will show up. I just Know how you know for how long I’ll be able to be there.

LEAH: Next we heard from Nick be at coaster Odyssey. I’m only on episode 16. But I’m hooked. Y’all are wonderful. Holder world podcasts is hilarious. I can’t wait for holiwood nights 2020 I love Nick. Nick be like went back reached out to us on Facebook A while ago early. And so we’ve kind of had some like conversations and he’s he’s great. But yeah, Next we heard from Michael Bondi at Michael Bondi 76 because once we announced that the podcast was coming back, all he had to say was yes. I just wanted to call that one out. Next we heard from at Coaster Dean, Dean Chauvin, the Howopo is back. Yes. Even if Eric Wrentz isn’t all their world anymore, we’re still playing to pressure him to get that tattoo. He promised that I can assure you I was just conversing with him the other day and I asked him about that tattoo. He says that he wants to get it eventually.

MATT: His idea of eventually,is different from our idea of eventually.

LEAH:when he’s 107,He’s going to go to a tattoo artist 

LAUREN: What is your dying wish? To get this tattoo that I promised 80 years ago

MATT: By then we will have forgotten about it.


LEAH: Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like we’ll still be saying hashtag blame Wrentz. So, you know, some things will stay around forever. Next we heard from Nick be at coaster Odyssey. He said me listening to wopo and it’s that picture of how it feels to listen to podcasts where there’s a kid like setting a nice eating ice cream girl sitting and eating ice cream

LAUREN:  I’ve never seen that

LEAH:I just love it so much

LAUREN: is like so accurate.

LEAH: you know, I listen to different podcasts myself and feel exactly the same way. Next we heard from Lindsay T from underscore entertainment with bacon time graphic, this was 2020 goals. And it is a pie chart that is mostly blue that says time thinking about bacon and then a small sliver that says time eating bacon truth and that’s just all time I guess.


LAUREN: There needs to be more time eating bacon.

LEAH: I know, yeah!

MATT:  it can be an overlap because you’re thinking about it while you’re eating it too.

LEAH: Yeah, yeah, that’s gonna be bacon. Yeah, you gotta plan ahead, man, right. Then we heard from at Kosta Rossi, Nick B again, because remember in the last feedback episode, we talked about the 

MATT: Mickey mouse ears

LEAH: Disney personalities who had to draw the Mickey Mouse ears with the wand he shared the video. That one cracked me up so audibly because they actually just traced the path of words. 

LAUREN: And it’s like what? 

LEAH: So like they just show you Yeah, what the actual like what they with the wand with the setup like, yeah what they actually edited it to be. So anyway, he said so glad to have the older world podcast back here’s a video where somebody traced the Mickey Mouse here in July. It was incredible. 

MATT: I’ll have to check that out.

LEAH:Next we heard from Carsten at the real Carsten A. So excited to hear the newest podcast you guys are rock and you’re more than just bacon.

MATT: That’s like the best compliment.

LEAH: They said hashtag I hate birds too. 

MATT: Thank you.

LEAH: Hashtag where’s the bacon?

MATT: So Carsten and I are on same page.

LEAH: Yeah. That we heard from ribs and bacon at ribs and bacon. Congrats to new Paula taking over the position. Thank you ribs of bacon. I’m truly touched by that though. Thank you. We heard from ribs and bacon again. Who do I email to get my holiwood knights name card to read Sir Ribsin of bacon? Lauren, I think that’s you.

MATT: You are now ordained

LAUREN: I can pass the message along, I can’t make any promise since I will not be here

will not be here for the actual making of the name tags.

LEAH: Who knows what other request there will be. Technically I think you could fill in your name to do that to trick it. But like, please don’t play Oh, no, no, no, just give us your real name. LAUREN: Don’t tell them that. Because Listen, there’s also this weird thing that happens

that the program that gives us all of your names to make the name tags, sometimes for whatever reason in the past two years, sometimes it jumbles your first and last name right which is that like, it’s not like the whole always Yeah, literally just picks a random name people flips it. And like…

MATT:  Just keep things fun.

LAUREN: Yeah, everyone else in your party. Like if you’re the one purchaser everything else in your party could be totally fine, but there’s just one name that’s flipped and I

sometimes Stock people to figure out, see if I can figure out what the right way our names should be. So please don’t put crazy names because then

I don’t know what you’re going to end up with.

LEAH: Fun fact if you’re a Hollywood hollywood nights attender in the past, and you got the survey, the one year where the name was wrong, that was also the same thing that happened was I literally just sent me a list or I didn’t check that’s, that’s all my bad so I sent out this email to all these people that was like, hey, Jeff. My name is Karen. Not Jeff. 

LAUREN: Technology. Yeah.

MATT: Your best friend and your worst enemy.

LEAH: I was so proud of that survey list. So I was so bad about like, I just want one thing to go right.

MATT: Live and learn, right?

LEAH: YEAH!  Anyway, next. Segment, Lindsay T from underscore entertainment. Well, did you mean Matt Eckert is ornaphobic?

MATT: I don’t know phobic is the right word. I’m really scared of them. I just have a deep disdain. So I don’t know what the word is for that.

LEAH: Or-no-hate-it.

MATT: Yeah, I don’t know what it is, I just hate them.

LEAH: Lindsay T from underscore entertainment l Why aren’t a mouse is that I’m sure this could be a topic of a whole podcast. Just finally watch Coco for the first time wonders of coasters need their photos posted on a eufrenda? Are you guys familiar with that? I’m not. So this is a part of like the Dia de los Muertos thing where they post the apprentices where they post like photos of loved ones. And so I assume they are referring to when a coaster has been torn down right? Do they need photos on these 

MATT: I see 

LEAH: these tributes and I appreciate that I I feel like it would be appropriate depending on the person but I am obviously not a cultural expert on that one. So that’s all you need to figure out but I do appreciate the respect for coasters that are no longer. Next we heard from David monster mania, why he’s changed up his name.

MATT: Did he change that?

LEAH:  He said the world is a better place now that howopo is back.

MATT: We need to picture their little one.

LEAH: Yeah, yeah David. Send a picture we need an update that we heard from coaster 101 the whole well pose back to back after hiatus check it out. Thanks for promoting us coaster 101 and next we heard from a bunch of emojis AK while I would be David’s wife David Why? I didn’t know something like this was an option. I expect the average drink away since the summer this was a something I believe we may have covered but may have been cut from the last one. It’s a big red on tap. 

MATT: Which should be everywhere.

LEAH: David saw all this on Twitter. I guess I’ve been doing their research they decided that was likely taken and holiday world’s general area Kentucky maybe on their way back to Missouri from Florida most likely at a KFC so if your looking for big red on tap. Okay, that’s that’s our best gas throw.

LAUREN: That’s some thorough investigating.

MATT: Can we have the street address too?
LEAH: If anyone knows the exact destination we need to know that. Well, Lauren won’t but that’s a different story. 

LAUREN: I’ll pass.

LEAH: Next we heard from David monster mania. Why again? And the first game of season two of howopo is how well do you know your fast food places? did I win?

LAUREN: Oh my gosh.

LEAH:Probably Yeah. I don’t know that we would be very good at that game. I’m just gonna say that. Let me see next we heard from David why again saying not KFC. This is 100% White Castle. So we’ve got more of an answer now. Next, we heard from coaster one on one coast your one on one you made the thrill and Holiday World merge collabs coming in 2020. Guys, I am so excited about our collaboration with made to thrill because he is such an incredibly talented artist. If you guys don’t know made to thrill they do have a theme park fanboy merge. That’s kind of low key and 

LAUREN: Really cool.

LEAH:  I actually reached out and approached him because I said we need to sell something like this on our park. So we’re we’ve got new collaborations coming and I think we’ve got some posters that we can share coming up in a little bit and I’m hoping to maybe actually interview Josh on an episode of the podcast coming.


MATT: Amazing!

LAUREN: So we’ll see about that. coaster one on one also tweeted saw the legendary at real Mick Foley tonight in Raleigh, North Carolina. What you might not know about me because I he loves roller coasters and Christmas so I gave him a Holiday World Christmas ornament. 

LAUREN: Awwwww

LEAH: Oh, Nick Foley is a friend of the podcast and it’s been a couple episodes and so I just love that they brought him a Christmas ornament. Someone asked why the Holiday World? coaster 101 again asked why the Holiday World ornament. He loves holiday home visits there regularly. I told him I refer see what I want. He responded. So you probably know Paula really well and we talked really quick about her retirement so glad to know that, you know, everyone still shares a bond over Paula

MATT: He’s wearing his old Holiday World t shirt too.

LEAH: Yep. Oh, yeah, I love it. Next we heard from Alex Wheeler at underscore Alex underscore Wheeler. I just listened to season two, Episode Three. And yes, I do love the new look of HR. It’s so cute. Glad that  HoWoPo is back. Thanks, Alex. Let’s see what else do we hear? We’ve got now we’ve got emails to read are officially podcast. So we heard from Chris Miller. Just wanted to say I’m glad the podcast is back. I enjoy listening. I loved that short, sweet little note. Next, we heard from Eddie who has an idea for a game. The idea is two to two truths and a ride. Guys, I’m getting worse at this as the podcast goes.

MATT: You said that earlier Like this, right?

LEAH: It’s a downward spiral from here guys.It’s basically a twist on two truths and a lie. using any random fun, interesting facts from rides the parks history and one that sounds true, but it’s totally made up and pod squad members and listeners have to guess which is the fake or flip it where we have to guess which is fact could be even tied to the theme of the episode. So the gauntlet has been thrown down. We’ve got one really good game idea. So yeah, 

LAUREN: yeah. 

LEAH: Next we heard from Alex. And guys, he tells us how to say his name Lee.

LAUREN: Oh, thank you!

LEAH: Yes. Chew-bow-kas.Did I say that right? Yep.

MATT: I think you’re right, We were saying Chew-ba-kas, right?

LAUREN: Yeah. That’s, that’s what I believe. Yes

LEAH:  yes, so I’m very happy.

LAUREN: Sorry, but thank you for correcting us

LEAH: Lauren and Matt are reading this email for the first time but I just want to say that I’m sorry that you almost hurt yourself in the gym. And thank you for all your kind words about the podcast. Being back and we will send Paula your love.


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LEAH: I know you’ve missed it. We are Holiday World and we love holidays. 

MATT: We do. 

LEAH: Ah, March 2 is old stuff day. 

LAUREN: That’s also my husband’s birthday. (LAUGHTER)

LEAH: Oh yeah, Michael Crosby, Director of games 

LAUREN: He’s not old stuff.

LEAH: He’s not old stuff.

LAUREN:  Sorry you could say Matt is having issues with his microphone

MATT: It won’t stay down.

LAUREN: It twists at the bottom.  Old stuff day made me think of the fact that you know, we’re an ever changing Park and so we’ve got some old stuff. 

MATT: Including our Director of Games apparently.

LEAH:No,I’m thinking of you know, instead of stuff like old treasure it’s like the Freedom Train. We’ve got some 

MATT: You’re going that way with it.

LEAH: That’s what I was thinking but you know, thanks for thanks for making it seem like a downer.

MATT: Lauren started it!

LEAH: Anyway March 3 is Canadian bacon day or as I like to call it lazy perky persons bacon LAUREN: Why are we honoring that with the day

MATT: just because you put bacon in the name doesn’t make it bacon

LEAH: We’ve got two bacon days,  and one Canadian bacon day 


LEAH: I know. It needs it’s own bacon day, Am I right? A third bacon day. There’s already confusion over which day is official baconday. Yeah, yeah. But you know and by the way, we weren’t listening for that episode holiday bacon. We had a discussion on one episode about how holiday bacon when it comes time for the holidays. You break out like that fancy, uncut, raw, like different like, seasonal flavors, like Applewood things like that. And when you Bacon every day you just go to the pre cooked stuff

LAUREN:  you just pop in the microwave oven

LEAH: Yeah, put in the microwave and have that all today.

LAUREN: That is casual bacon.

LEAH: Yes, casual bacon. Then Canadian Bacon falls somewhere below that apparently

MATT: but it has a day. 

LEAH: And I think that’s important. Coming up next on March six, his middle name pride day.

MATT: that’s confusing. Okay. So why the pride part? 

LEAH: Likewise, It’s just middle name day

and I think a lot of middle names aren’t necessarily but I’m proud of my melanin, our mom. Metal nails line. That’s okay. Mines Clarice

MATT: Mines Paul

LAUREN:  Mines Rosalie

LEAH: I think yeah, I think if you’ve got you know, an interesting middle name, then it’s something to you know, I like to taut about it all the time. So, I’m very proud of it.

MATT: You know, my mom went to for this for the for discipled trials.

LAUREN: Nice. Gotcha. 

LEAH: But yeah, I think even if your middle name is my Maybe not, you know, quite as different. It’s still a really cool thing I think.

MATT: Especially if yours has meaning like your’s does. Yeah, I mean, that’s cool. So anyway, just thought was worth mentioning. 

LEAH: March 9, is crap made day,

LEAH AND LAUREN: and there’s gonna be so much crab, y’all!

LEAH:  In case you can’t tell Lauren and I was this SNL sketch I literally just included this because Laura and I are obsessed with this SNL sketch with Zooey Deschanel.

LAUREN: It’s the worst sketches ever. It’s awful it’s

MATT: fashionable apparently,

LAUREN: it’s with Kristen Wiig. No, but like, it’s literally if you watch this, you’re gonna be like, LEAH: Oh, it just wasn’t one of their best. It’s these two women are throwing a party, and they’re like, we’re gonna have so much crap.And they talk about how excited they’re gonna have loads and loads of crap tonight.

and they bring out like the buckets for the crab, then the bibs, and like my tools and they even had shirts made it like crab fest 

LEAH: like and then at the end they look at each other and there’s a moment where they realized that neither of them bought the crab. So they just slowly lower the blinds and turn off all the lights so the house because everyone’s in the backyard and

LAUREN: And they’re talking about how they’re waiting for the crab.

LEAH: What is up with this? I just want some crap like they keep talking about it. I just wanna know. And it turns out that neither of them have crabs. It’s not the greatest sketch but anytime we..

LAUREN: anytime we ever have crab or we’re talking about crab. We just start, There’s gonna be so much crap, y’all. Everytime.

MATT: I love the southern twang you throw at it too.

LAUREN: You have to watch it!!

LEAH: We’re gonna have so much crab, ya’ll! So anyway, we’ll share about my blog post if we can track it down

LAUREN: Please, please join in on our inside joke.

LEAH: It’s a masterpiece. I don’t know what you’re talking about. It is a masterpiece like it does LAUREN: I feel like we have to set it up good, because I feel like  we’re laughing like

I set the stage I said

MATT: People are gonna watch it and be like,really?  

LAUREN: I set the stage, you’re going to be like what did I just watch? 

LEAH: It’s just It’s a special thing. Now you’re in on the inside joke with the Koch and Crosby clan. We’re a part of it. It’s a thing that everyone celebrate crab meat day with so much Crab. Congratulations, you’ve feedbacked your way to the end of another episode. Please join us in two weeks for your commute cleaning session for our next episode season two episode eight which has yet to be titled. Thank you to all of our scenes pod squad Steven for helping us sound so good. Thanks to Josh for helping me find backup holidays and thanks to Sabrina for gathering feedback like a pro and your Welcome for teaching you about the snipping tool. She didn’t know about that guys really a lot.

MATT: Really?

LAUREN: It’s magic. 

LEAH: Guys, if you guys don’t have a snipping tool on your computer guys helps you take little screenshots little baby screenshots of anything on your screen and it is truly changed my life, especially for her wopo feedback I gotta say, most useful thing possibly ever created best thing since sliced bread hundred percent

LAUREN: indeed.

LEAH:  Anyway and thanks to all of you for listening, we’ve already given you a pro tip so you know, you’re welcome. Please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, etc. And tell all your friends on behalf of our pod squad Matt, Lauren and myself. Thank you. Be sure to share your feedback and questions with us by calling us at 812-937-4401 then dial 8081 or by emailing us at podcast at Holly world calm or by reaching out to us on social media using the hashtag HO WO PO


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