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An In-Depth Look at Good Gravy!

By HoliBlogger Kelly S.

One of the best parts of experiencing a theme park ride is getting to see the theming in the queue. And Good Gravy!, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s newest attraction, serves up a delightful experience and story to take in while you wait for your much anticipated ride on the park’s first ever boomerang coaster.

Right off the bat, you’ll want to grab a selfie or family photo at the entrance sign. How cool is it that the 3D coaster name and gravy boat pop off at you from a cutting board?

Everything about this amazing queue leans into the Thanksgiving theme and fits in so well with the rest of the rides in the Thanksgiving section of the park.

HoliBlogger Kelly with the Good Gravy! Entrance Sign

Step Back In Time in the Queue

As you enter the air conditioned line, you’re welcomed right into Grandma Gracy and Grandpa Gavin’s house.  (Yes you read that correctly – you can wait for your ride on Good Gravy! comfortably, which is especially nice on a hot and humid Indiana summer day.)

What a retro house they have too! You’ll be transported back to a different time with the bright stylings of mid-century modern aesthetics when shag carpet was cool and the Beatles ruled the airways. 

Grandma Gracy's Living Room in the Good Gravy! queue
The bathroom in the Good Gravy! queue
The child's bedroom featured in the Good Gravy! queue

Just as you’re about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the family, the gravy runs out. From here, you’ll board the gravy boat shaped train and it’s up to you to help make more to save the holiday dinner!

First Ride of the Day on Good Gravy!

Did you know that a special opportunity exists to be one of the first Guests to ride Good Gravy!? My family was able to experience the first ride of the day before Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari opened for the day. 

We had a blast riding in the very front AND the very back of the gravy boat. As a roller coaster enthusiast who has ridden some pretty intense rides at Kings Island and Cedar Point, I can honestly say that this family coaster offers up a thrilling experience for coaster fans of all ages. 

My favorite part was launching forward after going backwards up the track spike, then speeding toward the can of cranberry sauce.

The theming on the ride is just as fun as the queue and you’ll soar past a giant wooden rolling pin, Ruth’s Stuffing (named after Ruth Siems, a Hoosier who invented Stove Top Stuffing), and other oversized kitchen accessories.

Good Gravy! tunnel

Families will also love Cranberry Corner, the playground area outside the exit to the ride. There’s shaded seating nearby – perfect for little guests who might not be quite tall enough to ride just yet.

Plus, be sure to grab some Dippin’ Dots by the larger-than-life milk bottle!

A limited number of tickets are sold for this experience as an add on to your theme park ticket! Be sure to check out the details here if you’d like to try to save Thanksgiving before everyone else has a chance to beat you to it.

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