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Learning About Waves In A Poolside Cabana

I don’t know about you, but I love the water. There is something about the rhythm of waves that I find soothing.

And by now you know that I’m the Holiblogger that teaches science. So you can guess where I’m going to go here, right?

An Afternoon In A Cabana

We spent the afternoon in a Cabana next to Bahari Wave Pool in Splashin Safari.

The cabana was a great meeting point for our family because it had a locker that fit all of our things in it, a refrigerator to keep our drinks cold, and loungers for when we needed some rest. If my son had been older, I could have watched him in the Bahari Wave Pool from my cabana.

But since he was only 6, I needed to be in the water with him!

A Cabana rental in Splashin' Safari.

We ordered a Chicken Tenders Meal, a Veggie Tray, and a Bucket O’ Cookies. And when they say a Bucket, they mean a literal bucket. It was more than enough food to last us the entire day and they delivered it right to our cabana.

The adults also had some adult beverages delivered and my son drank some of the free waters that came with the cabana.

Their menu was great and certainly had families in mind.

A Cabana meal service order of chicken tenders.
A veggie platter.
Souvenir refillable bucket.

All About Waves

But, back to the science!

We were lucky enough to take a tour of behind the scenes of the wave pool. Fans are used so that air pushes the water to generate the waves.

Watch the video to see the wave.

The buoys can help us visualize part of a wave. Those parts are bolded below.

When the buoy is high that is a crest and when it is low that is a trough.

The wavelength is the distance from crest to crest or trough to trough.

The amount of height the crest has is the amplitude.

This is the energy of the wave. The higher the crest of the wave, the more energy it is carrying.

Now look at the whole pool for the waves.

How much space is in between each wave? How tall are the waves?

A computer system generates the pattern of the waves and the more frequent (frequency) the pulses of air occur the shorter the wavelength of the wave will be. This means there will be less space between then. They can still carry the same amount of energy and just happen more often.

This is why you need to take breaks after swimming in a wave pool — you’re swimming against water that is carrying a LOT of energy and you might not notice it!

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