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Season Pass options at Holiday World: Platinum Season Pass, Season Pass, Summer Fun Card, and the FREE Pre-K Pass.

Season Passes

Load HoliCash directly to your Pass.

A Team Member measures a small girl's height at Kitty's Tea Party.

HoliCash Cards

Purchase in-store at Holiday World during the season.

A Team Member hands a family their food at Goblin Burgers.

HoliCash Wristbands

Pay without needing your wallet.

HoliCash Vouchers

Add HoliCash for your Group.

HoliCash Dormancy Rules & Fees

Season Passes, Summer Fun Cards, Gift Cards, and Wristbands:

  • These HoliCash devices will be considered dormant if there are no transactions on the invoice tied to the device for a period of 36 months.
  • Transactions that will prevent dormancy, if performed at least once every 36 months, include loading money onto the HoliCash device or using the device for payment.
  • Once considered dormant, a 100% maintenance fee will be applied to balances remaining on these HoliCash devices. Positive balances will be reduced to zero, but only if the above dormancy rules apply.


HoliCash Expiration Rules for Vouchers

HoliCash Vouchers are printed with specific valid dates that may range from one day to a full Holiday World operating season. Vouchers will not work or be accepted as payment before or after the valid date range. Once a HoliCash Voucher expires, all remaining funds are forfeited.


Refunds for Remaining Balances

HoliCash balances remaining on Season Passes, Summer Fun Cards, Gift Cards, and Vouchers are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash, except where required by law.

HoliCash funds remaining on an expired Season Pass or Summer Fun Card can still be used throughout the parks even though the expired Season Pass or Summer Fun Card will no longer provide admission. If preferred, funds remaining on an expired Season Pass or Summer Fun Card may be transferred to a  HoliCash Gift Card.

Balances remaining on Wristbands at the end of a Guest’s visit can be transferred to a HoliCash Gift Card at Holiday World Services.

If requested, balances remaining on Wristbands may be refunded at Holiday World Services up to a maximum amount of $50 per Wristband. Refunds must go back to the original form of payment. If a credit card or other HoliCash device was used to load the wristband, it must be presented for the refund to be provided. Otherwise, remaining balances can be transferred to a Gift Card.


Balance Checks:

To check the balance of a HoliCash device, visit Holiday World Services during park operating hours. During non-operating days, contact Holiday World at 1-800-467-2682 during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm CT). Please be prepared to provide your 16-digit HoliCash number.


Lost or Stolen HoliCash:

Lost or stolen HoliCash devices will not be replaced or refunded. Protect your HoliCash devices as you would other forms of payment. Due to the nature of debit-type devices, proof of purchase does not prove ownership.

Because Season Passes and Summer Fun Cards are directly tied to a Guest’s personal information, they can be replaced for a $5 fee at Guest Relations. Any associated funds that remain on the Season Pass or Summer Fun Card will automatically roll over to the new Pass or Card when replaced. Funds used without the consent of the Season Pass or Summer Fun Cardholder will not be replaced or refunded.