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New for 2020 Season: Holiday World Worry-Free Weather Guarantee

SANTA CLAUS,IND–New for the 2020 season is Holiday World’s Worry-Free Weather Guarantee for inclement weather. Guests who visit on a day where weather forces attractions to close will now be able to visit another day of their choosing by bringing their original ticket back to the park. The Worry-Free Weather Guarantee is activated when the weather closes major attractions for a period of two cumulative hours on the day of a Guests’ visit.

“After an abnormally rainy June last year, we wanted to do more for our Guests who had picked stormy weather days through no fault of their own,” says park President Matt Eckert.

“We’ve worked a little magic on our end so all Guests get a fair shot at having a fantastic day here.” Here’s how it works: Guests will need to keep some form of their tickets from their visit–either the original ticket, a picture of the ticket, or a screenshot of their digital ticket–just in case the guarantee gets activated.

If Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari rides are down for a total of two or more hours, the guarantee is activated and the date will be posted on Guests will need to bring the photos or original tickets with them on whatever day they pick to return. 

“We don’t get to pick rainy days, but neither do our Guests. Rain or shine, every day should be a worry-free day to visit Holiday World,” adds Eckert. 

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