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Spend Less Time in Line

Due to the popularity of Good Gravy!, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari may use a return card system to limit the time Guests spend waiting in line on busy days.

Every roller coaster has a fixed hourly capacity, and Good Gravy! is no exception. Because the ride is new and appeals to more of our Guests than our other roller coasters, we anticipate that lines could easily reach four hours long.

Rather than let our Guests stand outside in the hot sun for hours, we have decided to use a return card system on busy days. When the queue inside the building fills up, we’ll begin handing out cards with return times. To use the system, bring your return card back to the entrance of the Good Gravy! station at the time on your card. Rather than stand in line, you can ride other rides, use the restroom, or sit and relax. 

If you want to ensure you get a ride on Good Gravy!, we recommend you arrive early and visit the ride before you do anything else for the day. Either you’ll be able to get in line immediately, or you’ll get an early return time.  

This system is new to us, so our goal is to minimize Guests’ time in line to about an hour, but we can’t guarantee it. If we don’t have enough people return to Good Gravy! during their assigned time, we reserve the right to allow standby Guests in line. 


When the queue inside the building is full, our Team Members will begin issuing return cards. Ideally, these cards will help us keep Guests in our new air-conditioned queue, rather than out in the hot sun.

Lines will likely be long this year for Good Gravy!, and we want to help our Guests maximize their day.

Every roller coaster has a fixed capacity, and Good Gravy! is no exception. Since it appeals to more Guests than our higher-thrill roller coasters, we expect longer lines–especially this year when all our Guests want to hop on board the giant gravy boat!

The return card system allows Guests to enjoy more of their day in the park, and return for a shorter wait.

As long as you return at the time on the card, you’re guaranteed to enter the queue.

If you wait beyond that time, our Team Members may or may not be able to accommodate you. At Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, our lines close early so that the last cycles run at the time the park closes. This helps our Team Members know when they’ll get home for the day, and that matters a lot to us.

We’ll stop handing out return cards in order to make sure the last gravy boat runs at park close, so if you try to use your return card after the time specified, we won’t be able to accommodate you.

Please note: We try very hard to make sure rides are open all day, however we cannot guarantee that every ride will be open every day. If Good Gravy! experiences downtime, we will do our best to adapt and accommodate as many Guests as possible. We appreciate your patience.

This return card system is just for Good Gravy!, and just for days when the Good Gravy! station is full.

Expect to wait at least an hour when you bring your return card back and enter the queue. The card is your ticket to enter the queue, not a “fast pass” to skip the line.

We don’t offer fast passes at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. However, we do have capacity-limited Guided Tours, many of which offer first rides of the day. Our Good Gravy! First Ride of the Day tour is available daily and will guarantee your spot on the first ride of the day.

Learn more about all of our Guided Tours.

There’s a chance you might be able to ride. If Guests choose not to return during their specified time, we reserve the right to reopen the queue to standby riders.

We recommend checking back in during the afternoon, when most Guests like to be in Splashin’ Safari. That’s when we expect return rates will be lowest, based on prior year throughput information from our other roller coasters.

Holiday World reserves the right to change or revoke this policy at any time.