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What to Do When Rides Aren’t Your Thing

By HoliBlogger Alli A.

I’ve taken several trips to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari with my family, which includes my husband, son and myself. But some of my favorite trips to the park are with our extended family.

However, the bigger the group, the more diverse the expectations for the day become. Our group can include family members that may not be planning to ride any rides.

This may be due to a health condition, age, or simply no desire to ride. All of which are okay. There are still plenty of things to do.

I’m here to tell you some of the ways to have fun, even if rides aren’t your thing!

Take In A Show

The first non-ride activity we enjoy is all the shows!

This year we enjoyed the Wild & Wacky Magic Show and and the Out of Hand Juggling Act. My family loved taking a break from the rides and walking, and sitting down to enjoy both of these shows.

There is a lot of crowd involvement that will keep you on your toes and laughing the entire time.

Another show that has been a staple since I was a child is Dive!

There are professional divers from all across the United States. They narrate several different types of dives from various heights, including one from 80 feet in the air!

You can see every show and all showtimes on any day you visit by going to

A diver in the Dive! show

Play A Game

Another way to enjoy your day without hopping on a ride is to play games.

There are games all over Holiday World!

There are a variety of types, meeting the needs of all different demands of difficulty.

Our two-year-old loves pulling a duck at Duck Pond in the 4th of July Area at Boston Tea Party. It’s one of several games around the park that has a winner every time.

Meanwhile, my husband loves trying his luck at Raven’s Ring Toss in the Halloween area.

But no matter your skill level, there is a game that will meet your needs.


Child playing games in the Halloween section of the park.
Kids won a prize at one of Holiday World's games.

Stroll Around Both Parks

This may not apply to everyone, but it’s a favorite in our family.

While the adventure seekers are in line for attractions like The Voyage, it is awesome to have some time to take the toddlers for a walk in their stroller. Spending time with others who may not be able to enjoy certain rides either is a great way to spend the day.

Take a stroll around nearby areas and sightsee, or even take the little ones to rides that are more age-appropriate and see the joy on their face as they too get to experience an attraction.

Regardless of how the time is spent, there is no wrong way to spend time with others that you care about.


Relax in Splashin’ Safari

This brings me to the most relaxing way to enjoy Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari if rides just aren’t your thing: lounging in the water park!

That’s right. Just get a locker, store your stuff, and find a lounge chair at one of the many water areas in Splashin’ Safari.

Catch some sun, sit under an umbrella, read a book, take a nap, watch other members of your party. Whatever you want to enjoy the time, do it! There is definitely no wrong way to relax.

Whether it’s watching a show, playing a game, relaxing in the water park, or spending one one-on-one time with those you care about, there are several great ways to spend your day at Holiday World & Spashin’ Safari if rides just aren’t your thing.


Yellow flowers located in front of The Voyage roller coaster.