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A Message from the Capitol

HoliWood Nights Tickets Available at 11am Central.

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If you find yourself in the category of, “people who don’t care about the theme and just want to know what’s new for HoliWood Nights 2024,” please click here to skip to the “Please don’t make me read that nonsense” version.

A Message from the Capitol

Dear Spectators Enthusiasts,

I am pleased to share that this year’s HoliWood Nights theme is The Gravy Games, and the event will be held the first weekend after Memorial Day, May 31 – June 1. This two-day event will hold all the splendor of the Capitol—from our finest fudge to luxurious night rides sans trims on The Voyage. From the charm of an adorable Grandma’am’s home, to the most decadent sauce-based boomerang the world has ever known. We hope you’re already hungry for this year’s event.

As you attend this premium event, please note that tickets are once again limited, and available on a first-come, first served basis. In order to attend, at least one member of every purchasing group must be a member in good standing with one of our partner clubs. A coaster club member may purchase up to four tickets (including tickets for oneself), which means a member may bring up to three Guests. Tickets will be available on Wednesday, November 29 at exactly 11:00 AM Central Time (though we prefer to call it Capitol Standard Time).

As with every year, significant improvements have been made to the games and the ticket purchasing experience, based on feedback from our beloved Capitol residents. Unlike last year, once you add tickets to your online “carriage,” they are secured for a maximum of 10 minutes. Unfortunately, our engineers are working on the games, and are not able to develop a countdown clock while your 10 minutes elapse, so time will be of the essence. Please make arrangements for your traveling party in advance and work swiftly to complete your purchase as soon as the tickets have been added. You may be put in a waiting room while others complete their purchases. Please do not be alarmed if this happens early on. You’ll get a chance as soon as others are done purchasing their tickets. Also, if you have the flexibility, we recommend finding a location with the highest speed of connectivity you can manage. This will only help shift the odds in your flavor.

Please remember that when you enter the Capitol, you are expected to behave in a certain manner. Interfering with ride restraints will result in immediate ejection from the Games, as well as Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. Please review our on-ride camera policy before attending. If you cannot avoid the temptation of riding with a camera attached to your hands, please reconsider spending your money on tickets. Finally, this event is sacred to many attendees—please do not participate in activities that may encroach upon another’s enjoyment of the event. If you find yourself in doubt of whether your conduct is encroaching upon someone else’s enjoyment, we suggest you ask a few of your fellow spectators. Please also note that our Team Members deserve to go home at a reasonably predictable time. If a particular line is long, we may close it early. And please leave the unpleasantries to the tributes. If you so choose to dress in accordance with our theme, please leave any weapons in your district.

We are thrilled to share our newest au-jus based coaster with you all. It should be splashing fun with a sweet side of cranberry chutney.

And of course, may the odds be ever in your flavor,

Effie Leah Koch-Blumhardt


Please don’t make me read that nonsense


We’re excited to share our event this year is The Gravy Games. May the odds be ever in your flavor.

Expect a two-day event, with a full schedule to be announced later. Trimless rides on The Voyage are still a thing.

Tickets will be available Wednesday, November 29 at 11 AM CENTRAL time. One person in the group must be a partner coaster club member, and may purchase up to four tickets, meaning they may bring up to three Guests.

We’re still listening to the feedback we get from you, and we’ve made big improvements to our purchase process this year:

  • You will not need to enter Guest information until after you have added tickets to your cart.
  • When you have tickets in your cart, they are secured for you for 10 minutes.
    • Our ticketing partner does not have a fancy Ticketmaster countdown clock, so hurry up and enter your information. Do not wait until you have tickets in your cart to text your friends to see if they’re coming.
  • You may hit a waiting room—we’ve limited capacity in the store intentionally to make sure we have maximum processing power available.
  • If you have the flexibility and you really want to go, we recommend finding a location with lightning-fast internet.

Finally, the same rules as always apply:

  • If you interfere with a ride restraint, expect a lifetime ban
  • Read our on-ride camera policy. If you can’t follow it, maybe this event isn’t for you.
  • We love it when you have fun and get creative with the event. However, please be courteous to your fellow attendees, and make sure it’s not affecting their fun. Also, if you choose to dress up, again, we love it! Just don’t bring a harpoon gun or Katniss’s bow and arrow, or any other weapon-like toy.
  • Our ride lines may close before the E.R.T. officially ends. Our Team Members working the event are awesome and ask to get scheduled for HoliWood Nights… and they still deserve to go home at a reasonable time.

We’re excited to see you, and hope you’re excited for some awesome food, and cheesy as heck fun with Good Gravy! It’s going to be an amazing time.