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The Best Holiday

With the 4th of July behind us, I can’t help but notice that each holiday has its committed fans. Have you ever met a true Halloween fan? Or a true Christmas fan? We love to see that passion for the holidays for obvious reasons. 

My favorite holiday doesn’t come every year. It’s part of a magical season we theme park fans like to call “Tease Season.” You know it’s “Tease Season” when you can smell the fresh dirt breaking at parks all around the nation, and wonder, “What are they doing next?”

My favorite holiday is called “Announcement Day.” In the days and weeks leading up, I get to read about fans slowly figuring out what’s going on. 

Two weeks ago, a few news outlets picked up the shipping info from a ride manufacturer on a package headed toward us. Will I link it for you? Heck no. If we’re digging, you should too. 😉 

Headline reads: Is a New Roller Coaster Coming to Holiday World in Indiana?
The day this dropped was like Christmas morning to me.

And we’ve decided we’re finally ready to start stirring, or shall I say, “whisking,” the metaphorical gravy. 

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Here are some questions we know you’re simmering over… and a recent construction photo: 

Photo of Construction site, mostly concealed by construction fence. Former Pilgrim's Plunge Station has partial demolition.

We know everything… why aren’t you just confirming it? 

First of all, where’s the fun in that? Second, there’s more to this story than hardware and labels on shipping containers. 

I’m cornfused. Where are you building right now?

We’re building where the fence is in the Thanksgiving section, North of Mayflower, and East of The Voyage. 

What’s this I’m hearing about a boomerang? 

That’s awfully personal, but yes. I did happen to live with my mom (or “boomerang” back home) for a few years after college. 

Have I noticed more gravy boats than usual? 

Are you implying that we had the forethought to put a gravy boat in Holidays in the Sky and threw a gravy boat in the Gobbler Getaway queue behind Abigail? Now that’s just crazy! 

I saw that the name is Gravy Boat. Can you at least confirm that? 

You found the project name! Just like Thunderbird’s project name was Big Turkey. 

I saw a post on Facebook with the ride picture on it. It has a train on the front! 

That’s the type of coaster our fans think we’re getting. I can confirm that there will not be a train engine on the front of whatever it is we’re building. 

How have we made it this far and you haven’t even confirmed that you’re building a roller coaster? 

You didn’t read all this way for nothing. We’re building a roller coaster. 

Anything else? 

If you’ve listened to the Official Holiday World Podcast for a while, you probably know plenty about the way we approach new attractions. My whole family is excited to bring you this next project, and I think my dad would have been too. 

That’s all we’ve got for now. But we’ll see you soon. Sign up for our emails and texts below to make sure you don’t miss a thing. That includes the date (and time) of my favorite holiday: Announcement Day! 

We’ve got a lot cooking in the next few weeks.

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