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HoliWood Nights 2023 Updates

Dear HoliWood Nights Attendees,

We appreciate your understanding and/or support of our 2022 HoliWood Nights experiment, “Honey, We Shrunk the Event.” It was a difficult decision to make, but we loved getting the chance to know some Guests a little better with our 2022 event and hope to do so again this year.

The experiment isn’t over, though.

This year’s event will be June 2 & 3, and the theme is Coaster Grease! We’re hopelessly devoted to our coaster enthusiasts, so we listened. And this event is undergoing some far-less-dramatic changes than Sandra Dee. Though, if you look at the countdown clock below and continue reading, you’ll notice at least one change is coming… keep reading…

HoliWood Nights Tickets go on sale in:


Good ole Sandra Dee… AKA “What’s staying the same”

  • Capacity is still limited so we can deliver the best possible experience (though we decided we could increase our capacity some from last year).
  • TWO FULL DAYS of ERT, walkbacks, fun, and food
  • At least one person in each purchase group must be a partner club member, but each member can bring three additional Guests. (That’s four total tickets per transaction)
  • Trimless rides on The Voyage
  • As Principal McGee said, “Anyone doing tasteless or vulgar movements will be immediately disqualified.” In other words, the rules of conduct still apply—we don’t tolerate rider misconduct.

Pink Ladies Sandy… AKA “What’s changing”

  • Goodbye form! Hello, greased lightning! We’re releasing tickets Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 11 am CENTRAL time. Tickets this year are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Click the links below to save this date to your calendar.
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  • We have one event ticket price—the Season Passholder price will not be offered this year. The price for two days of ERT, walkbacks, fun, and food is now $140 per person (and if you’re planning ahead and want to split the processing fee, it’s $6.99).
  • Name changes must be made at the event, not over the phone or online. Some of you know our Call Center team by name after last year so we’re giving them a break.
  • We have more tickets available this year and a partner Coaster Club Member can now bring three additional Guests.

Other important information

  • We’re going cashless in 2023. Click here for more information.
  • We don’t offer refunds, so don’t wait until Tuesday at 10:59 am (central time) to text your friend to find out if they’re joining you. 
  • We’ve never done a first-come, first-served ticket release, so there are some things we don’t know. Depending on the popularity, you may be put in a “waiting room.” If that happens, please wait patiently, as you’ll be put in a queue to enter the store and you’ll be allowed in as soon as a purchase is complete, or someone exits the shop.

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We know this news won’t be peachy keen, jellybean with everyone, but we hope you understand that we’re doing our best to listen to every enthusiast. Changing the tickets to first-come, first-served, and increasing the number of tickets per transaction were the two most-requested changes.

Please look out for your members of the coaster community who may not be on Facebook and may not be part of this group and help us spread the word. We don’t want anyone to miss the Dec. 6 ticket drop.

We hope you understand the changes. After all, enthusiasts and HoliWood Nights go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong…

(Yes, I’m sticking all these songs in your head… maybe it’ll be a nice break from all of the Christmas music?)

-Leah Koch-Blumhardt

Fourth-Generation Owner & Director of Communications