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Bird Dog… er… Fall Food Guide: Happy Halloween Weekends 2022

Happy Halloween Weekends have finally arrived, and while the #HOWOPO might be on hiatus, we all know it’s time to discuss the topic the #HOWOPO loves most: FOOD. 

As always, I recommend checking out our Food page, where we keep menus as updated as possible all season long. Bonus: we have a healthy options guide, an allergen-friendly guide, and a gluten-free guide all available on that page as well. Speaking of allergen-friendly, don’t miss our Gluten-Free Chili at George’s Gluten Free Pizza and Snacks and Santa’s Merry Marketplace. 

I’m not really sure where to start, but why not start with the food item I had to google when I first glanced at the menu…

What the heck is a bird dog?

I’m glad you asked. Think of a hotdog. Now keep the bun and forget the actual hotdog. Now add a chicken tender. Now add delicious toppings and sauces. 

These bird dogs are at Hot Diggity Dog–and come in two flavors: cheese bacon ranch, and Nashville hot. Either way, you don’t want to fly away without trying these. 

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”159″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]Oh, and don’t miss the pretzel fries at Hot Diggity Dogs. 

Santa’s Merry Marketplace: Personal Pan Pizzas (And More!)

Let’s hop up to Santa’s Merry Marketplace for the fall foods you can’t miss. Of course, our team at Candy Cane Confectionery has many sweet treats ready for you: Pumpkin cake balls, Apple Pie Caramel Apples, and marshmallow treats galore! 

But if you’re looking for something savory, you don’t want to miss our new personal pan pizzas.

We have bacon jalapeno and BBQ Chicken!

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”160″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]And don’t forget to stop at Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe for a Frankenstein Sundae that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth: 

And of course, there’s always more:

  • Pumpkin Funnel Cake – Christmas Cupboard
  • Cinnamon Apple Funnel Cake – Funnel Cake Factory
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup – Plymouth Rock Cafe
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – Alamo
  • Haystack Burger with Onion Straws – Goblin Burger
  • Refreshing and Cold Apple Cider – Santa’s Merry Marketplace, Plymouth Rock Cafe, and Lemon Shake Up
  • Hot Apple Cider – Candy Cane Confectionery 
  • Walking S’more – Snackhouse
  • Hot Chocolate – Lemon Shake Up

Whatever fall foods you choose, we hope you enjoy our fabulous Fall Faire. 


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