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Updated Pass Perks Include More Bring A Friend Tickets Than Ever!

When we ask our Platinum Season Passholders what their favorite pass benefit is, it’s almost always a unanimous answer. Discounted Bring A Friend tickets.

Our Passholders love sharing their visits.

Who can blame them? It’s more fun making memories here when you can share the day with family and friends!

As recently as 2022, Platinum Passholders got six flexible discounted Bring A Friend tickets they could use any day of the week but Saturday. Season and Platinum Passholders also had a few select dates that they could purchase one discounted Bring A Friend ticket.

We tried to simplify that perk, and expand it to have more Bring A Friend ticket options than ever before.

Bring A Friend Tickets Update

We started with giving Season Passholders a dozen discounted Bring A Friend tickets over the course of the season. With different monthly allotments as we progress from May to October.

Then we doubled that amount for Platinum Passholders. They get up to 24 discounted Bring A Friend tickets in 2024.

Bring A Friend tickets can be used any day of the week except Saturdays in July and August. We lifted that requirement on tickets purchased in May, June, September, and October. You can bring even more friends when you know lines at the park will be shorter.

Note: Our two Preview Passholder dates are still only for those Passholders. Discounted Bring A Friend tickets are available for purchase starting on Saturday, May 11.

Here’s the Season Passholder Discounted Bring A Friend Ticket calendar we put together for 2024. Click the image below for a downloadable and printable version.

All the other Passholder perks are back as well. Passholders will continue to enjoy discounts on food and gift shop purchases, discounted locker rental rates, and exclusive Passholder dates before we open for the season. To see the full benefits chart, click here.

If you haven’t heard, we also released a new type of Season Pass this season for our preschool fans!

Our new FREE Pre-K Season Pass is available for four- and five-year-olds to visit all season long for free. Including during Kids World and Happy Halloween Weekends. Just register the pass online and provide some Passholder information and then process it at the park with age-confirming documents. You can see a full blog post about it in the HoliBlog.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start deciding who you’re inviting to the park with you in 2024.