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Know before you go: The German American Bank Party Plaza!

Holidays in the Sky is a drone and firework extravaganza, but it’s also a full interactive experience!

Take a look at the German American Bank Party Plaza by clicking and moving around in the video below. Find your favorite spot to enjoy Light Up the Night with DJ Illuminate and watch Holidays in the Sky Drone & Fireworks Spectacular! Light Up the Night & Holidays in the Sky is both included in your park admission! 

Working from left to right through the video, you’ll see things in the plaza such as a Pepsi Oasis,
locations to buy food, restrooms, and more!

Concession & Pepsi Oasis
Hungry after a full day of play? Our team has you covered from a light snack to a full meal!
At the concession stand near the Pepsi Oasis, there is popcorn, kettle corn, Cheese pizza, Pepperoni pizza,
Icee cotton candy buckets, and Dippin’ Dot packs.

Elevated Experience
If you’re looking for a VIP experience look no further! In the Elevated Experience area, Guests get premium seating for the DJ Dance Party and Holidays in the Sky drone and firework show. Finger-food style snacks like fruit & veggie trays, tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, and popcorn! We’ll only sell 20 of these spots a day, so get your reservation in early by calling (812)937-4401, extension 2642. Click here to learn more about the Elevated Experience, when you call be sure to ask about our Elevated Experience + Tour, which comes with all of the above, plus four hours of escorted front-of-the-line privileges to all Holiday World Attractions plus three water coasters, and more!

DJ Illuminate
Starting at 8:05 pm on 8 pm closing and 8:25 on 9 pm closing nights, DJ Illuminate and the Illuminators are warming up the dance floor with an interactive dance party titled Light Up the Night! Guests can expect Conga lines, popular line dance songs like the Cupid Shuffle and the Macarena, and to dance their hearts out!

Light Up Souvenirs
Once you’re in the German American Party Plaza you’ll definitely pick up on a theme: LIGHTS!
Light-up souvenirs and bubble wand toys are available for purchase at a stand just north of the DJ booth.

Holidays in the Sky Show location
For Guests preferring to spectate, they’re welcome to grab a snack and take a seat on one of our light-up benches or grab your seat for Holidays in the Sky.

Restrooms and Family Restrooms
These restrooms are perfect to visit before the show begins or before your car ride home! Our Family restrooms are perfect for groups that don’t want to get separated or need more space for changing.

Lillypad with Light Up Stones
Just northeast of the concessions area, Guests will find Light Up Stones that can be jumped on!
When you step on the stones, they light up in different colors!

When should you arrive?
The drone and firework show starts between 8:30 and 8:40 pm on days when Holiday World closes at 8:00 and the show begins at 9:00 pm on nights when Holiday World closes at 9:00 pm, but you’ll want to arrive before then! The German American Bank Party Plaza is the perfect place to play and interact or relax and grab a quick snack before the show begins!

Light Up the Night & Holidays in the Sky is both included in your park admission!
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