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Contest: Fun Takes Flight

Holidays in the Sky, our new drone and firework spectacular, takes flight this Saturday, June 18!

A swarm of 300 drones will light the night sky every evening through July 31 with a show you have to see to believe.

The party kicks off each evening in the German American Bank Party Plaza with a DJ-led dance party before taking to the sky with holiday designs up to 700 feet wide.

And we want you to see the show!

Sweepstakes: Enter to Win A Family Vacation Package

To celebrate, we’re giving away some great prizes, including a Family Vacation Package with 4 two-day tickets to Holiday World and two nights at Santa’s Lodge!

Dozens will win a pair of free tickets.

And thousands will receive an exclusive ticket discount.

Only the fastest will win the top prizes! The only catch is that we won’t say when these prizes will be up for grabs.

So be sure to sign up now!

If you’d like to be one of the earliest to know when the prizes will be available, be sure to share with your friends and family, and get them to participate. We’ll give you a heads-up so you’ll know ahead of time when these prizes go live.

Have any questions about the sweepstakes? Keep reading.

Sweepstakes: Enter to Win A Family Vacation Package

How do these sweepstakes work?

Sign up to enter and start sharing the sweepstakes! The more your friends and family enter, the earlier you’ll find out what time our grand prize will be up for grabs!

The fastest to click once the Grand Prize is live will win. The next 25 will win a pair of Holiday World tickets. Thousands more will receive a promo code for an exclusive ticket discount.

What does a “heads up” mean?

Your “heads up” is how early you’ll be notified that our top prize is about to be available. You can build your “heads up” by getting friends and family to share the sweepstakes.

What time will the top prize be available to win?

That’s the secret. We can’t say.

Build your “heads up” to be one of the first to know when you can claim the Grand Prize. You can choose to be notified by text or email when you sign up.

Be the fastest and win the biggest prize!

Sweepstakes: Enter to Win A Family Vacation Package

Good luck to all who enter!