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Made to Thrill Part 2… or is it 3?

Hey everyone! We’ve just restocked the HoliShop with our Made to Thrill items as of 5/22/22. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best stuff, skip on over to the Holishop quickly… but only after you read my blog. It’s mostly pictures, ok? 


If you recall, we’re big fans of Made to Thrill

If you haven’t heard of them, Made to Thrill designs theme park merchandise that’s a little more… stylish than your average theme park merch. Prior to me sending a huge fan-girl email, Made to Thrill exclusively created low-key designs that never said what the attraction was, but it was always clear from Josh’s incredible design skills. 

So in 2019, a simple partnership began with a single T-shirt.

We were the first park ever to partner with Made to Thrill 

The first shirt sold very well, so we introduced an entire collection of posters for each of our 4 main roller coasters, t-shirts for each of our roller coasters, and of course our Santa Claus Land Poster and t-shirt. Here’s a reminder of those poster designs: 


Together, we even introduced an exclusive 75th Anniversary Pre-Order Only Limited-Series T-Shirt in 2021.

Sorry folks, you can’t order it anymore–it was a one-time deal. 

Today, Made to Thrill now works with Cedar Point, Kings Island, and SO MANY PARKS! 

We’re so proud of Josh and how far he and his art have gone, but we’re even more excited that he continues to churn out extraordinary new art each year. 

Now, I’m excited to share Made to Thrill’s latest art and our 2022 Collection! 

Our 2022 Collection

This year, we’ve added two of our most beloved attractions to our lineup of Made to Thrill Merchandise this year:

Raging Rapids

 Raging Rapids Poster

 and Frightful Falls

Frightful Falls Poster

And we’ve introduced a new skyline poster: 

We’ll call this the second collection, but we’ve had three… maybe four rounds of incredible artwork from Made to Thrill, and you know it won’t stop here. If you’re not already clicking “purchase” over on our HoliShop, comment below with what you’d like to see Made to Thrill design next! 


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