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Podcast: Season 4, Episode 3 – The One With Goodbye Nell, Part 1

You could say that drones were on the brain during Episode 3 of our 4th Season,
but before we jump to that, as the title implies, we are saying “see you later” to Nell.

Nell has been our Museum Director, podcast regular, our town historian and SO MUCH MORE.
We will miss having her on her team, but we are so excited for her family and their next chapter. 


As promised here are the videos we mention in the episode!
First off, we are very excited that Holidays in the Sky will be premiering in the park from June 18-July 31!

You can watch the video below or click here to learn more!


The firework and drone show brought up memories from Holiday Worlds’ very early 
years in drone photography. Like the time Eric attempted to add drone footage to the Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Next, we move on to Matt B’s drone footage contribution!

It’s safe to say we’ll leave the high-power drone action to the professionals like Stephen
and our friends at Coasting Thunder! We brag about them in the podcast episode, 
but you have to check out the incredible footage they captured in the Fall of 2021!


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