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How do you measure fun?

A few weeks ago, a question popped into my head. 

How many soft drinks do we really give away each year? 

The answer? Approximately 5,000,000. 

That led me to another question: can we measure fun? 

If you’re a data nerd like me, the answer is OF COURSE! 

So I asked some questions of many of our departments. Here are some of our favorite numbers from the 2021 Season: 

Click here to download a high-resolution version.

Fun Facts about the 2021 Season. Holiday World welcomes approx. 1 mil guests, gave away 283,000 gallons of free soft drinks and 57,600 ounces of free sunscreen for a total of $11,741,382 in freebies given away.

Disclosing assumptions behind the $11.7 Million figure: 

  • 50% of soft drinks consumed were water, would not have been purchased otherwise, or would have been included in a meal
  • Price of $2.99 per 12-ounce cup of soda 
  • Approximately 3 and 1/3 Guests per car
  • Parking price of $15 per car

Kind of cool to think our Guests saved $11 millionin freebies this year! 

And if that’s not enough, we pulled some more numbers together for you

They’re a little less… precise than our first infographic, but just as fun!



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