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International Women’s Day

We are Holiday World and we love holidays. 

And International Women’s Day might just be my favorite one.

I love to take the day to think of the women who we think of traditionally: Frieda Kahlo, Susan B. Anthony, Katherine Johnson. 

But this year I’m especially grateful for Madam CJ Walker or Sarah Breedlove.

She’s famous as America’s first self-made female millionaire, for her hair care business founded in 1910. She was a tenacious entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Because of her and women like her, I could picture myself eventually running Holiday World when I was young. Because of her, it’s not weird that my sister Lauren and I make big-picture decisions. Because of her, I’m respected for my thoughts and ideas.

I’m lucky. I was born into the coolest and most special industry ever. Three generations of this business have put men at the helm, but there were equally savvy women behind those men. We’ve finally hit a generation where women get to take the lead and my sister and I get to make decisions that matter. I don’t take that lightly. I’m grateful every day for my mom, my aunts, my grandmother, and my great-grandmothers who made sure we were here to celebrate 75 years. 

Want to know why I’m even luckier? I get to work alongside a team jam-packed with smart, strong, savvy women. And they come from past legions of the same. 

I’m honored and humbled by the legacy of empowered women who came before me and the ones I am lucky to work with today. Today I celebrate them. 

Happy International Women’s Day everybody!