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Podcast Season 2 Episode 5: The One with Five Feedbacks

As you may know, we are Holiday World and we love holidays!

In observance of Procrastination Week, we released Season 2 Episode 5 a few days late.
Join the #PodSquad for another round of feedback, holidays, and… the Lollipop Guild?
Matt E., Lauren C., and Leah K. were joined by Sabrina J. and Matt B. via Zoom phone call on January 29.

If you have a question or feedback to share you can email us at, leave a voice mail [(812)-937-4401 Ext. 8081], or reach out on social media by using #HoWoPo
Here is our final feedback of 2020!

It was so great to see HWSSSuperfan’s smiling face AND he brought the HoWoPo treats! 

Thank you for listening bob05! It was really great to catch up with our performer family!

We can’t wait to see you @CardiacKempa!

The podsquad discusses in-depth, but comment below if you have strong feelings about Alex’s sweet treat ideas!

If you know, you know like AlexChubokas.
We love your Christmas setup bob05!

You’ll have to listen in to how Leah responded to this request:

All of these HoliWood Night shoutouts are a good opportunity to remind you that HoliWood Nights 2021 is  The Wizard of Ahhh…hs! is June 4 &5!

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We sincerely apologize, Lindsay T!!

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