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A Paint Job Most Fowl

We love a good pun here at Holiday World, and I could think of no better way to introduce the new paint on The Raven than with a little “fowl” humor. 

If you’re not familiar with our The Raven: Evermore project that involves around 25% of our track, I recommend you check out our announcement blog, and check out our latest Hard Hat Chronicles: 


Once upon a midnight dreary…

… we told you we still had one more surprise for you…


…and we’re finally ready to reveal it…


…After 25 years, our trains are getting a new paint job.


The Raven is getting wings. 

The handles are getting a fresh coat of paint. 















And the paint is looking as fowl as ever. 


Special thanks to our Paint Shop, who are almost done painting all the cars now…

…and for including the glitter in the black paint. We can’t stop RAVEN about it!



Special thanks also to our Senior Graphic Artist, Rick who’s been working here for more than 45 years, and hand-painted the blue lines on the wings. 

And of course, special thanks to our coaster crew who continue to work on the brand new track.


We hope you’re as excited as we are to see The Raven take flight once again in 2021–and ride The Raven Evermore! 

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