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Podcast Season 2 Episode 2: The One with Another Holiday-Feedback Combo

We jump right into the second episode of season three with feedback and holidays!
As a warning, this was the fifth of five episodes recorded that day so Josh, Leah, and
Sabrina was running on slap-happy fumes.


Since feedback is highly visual, we gathered the feedback we discussed in this episode:

The Pod Squad had a lot of questions for Hormel and their high-end bacon mask.


It was so great to have @HWSSSuperfan on-site to pick up his Thanksgiving to Go Meal!
He even dropped off snacks for our team because he is true to his Twitter handle!

We appreciate your dedication @1gretchen!

We are Holiday World and we don’t start Twitter battles, but our fans ensure we are well represented!

Although….we are very proud of this clap back.

It was so great to have Matt and Lauren with us for Episode 23!

We could totally get on board with using the term, Ravendary!

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You’ll have to listen to hear all about the holidays we discussed in our very first feedback episode of 2021!

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