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Thanksgiving To Go Instructions

Box comes with turkey, dinner rolls, green beans with butter and seasoning, pie, and sides

Thank you to everyone who purchased our Thanksgiving To Go Meals! Here’s everything you need to know about picking up your Thanksgiving To Go Feast. If you want the short version, bring a cooler and some ice packs if it’s a long drive, drive up to our “Raven Lot” at the time you picked, and we’ll be ready and waiting with your order.

Our Food & Beverage team is hard at work baking turkeys and prepping your meals for pick-up this week. In fact, we got a sneak peek at the boxes today. Take a look! 

We know you might have questions over the next couple of days, so we’ve got a little reference guide for you. Oh and here’s a link to the instructions.

If it’s a bit of a drive for you to get here, be sure to bring some ice or coolers to keep your food nice and cold until you get home!

Don’t forget, we operate on CENTRAL TIME! 

Holiday World Thanksgiving To Go

Pick-up Instructions

Set up / Change Time 

If you didn’t specify a pick-up time in the notes, our Food & Beverage team should have called you to set up a time. If you haven’t heard from them, or wish to change your time, or forgot that we’re on central time, please call our Food & Beverage office at (812)-937-3333.

Arrival Instructions

When you arrive, please pull in our “Raven Lot” (the one right next to the roller coaster and across the street from the water tower–see map below) and pull all the way up to the turnaround. Our team will be waiting for you there.


Just in case you need them, here are our Easy Heating Instructions

As a reminder, here’s what comes in the box:

Each meal feeds up to 8 people and includes:
• One 12-14 pound Turkey, pre-baked, with herb butter finish (and there’s the herb butter being prepared to the right)
• Turkey Gravy (32oz) 
• Mashed Potatoes (3 lb)
• Stuffing (2.5 lb)
• Macaroni and Cheese (2.5 lb)
• Holiday World’s Famous Green Beans (2.5 lb) with butter and seasoning containers
• Cranberry Sauce (2.5 lb)
• Yeast Rolls (1 dozen)
• One Pumpkin Pie

All our sides will have a tamper seal as pictured below. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Please let us know how your Thanksgiving To Go Meal turned out in the comments below!


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