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Happy Halloween Weekends Update

Kitty PumpkinDear Guests,

As we finish up with daily operations for the 2020 season, I just want to stop and say thank you to everyone who has supported us this season. Thank you to everyone who was patient and understanding, and thanks to everyone who followed our rules and guidelines–even when they were imperfect. 

No one was prepared for a summer like this, but I’m proud of our Holiday World team and how we came together to give families a much-needed break from reality. 

We’re coming into our weekends-only operations, and some of you may just now be noticing that Happy Halloween Weekends was removed from the calendar this summer, and I want to address that directly. 

To put it simply, our event just wasn’t going to be Happy Halloween Weekends. We weren’t going to be able to open our signature walk-through attractions like Holidog’s 3D Halloween Adventure or ScareBNB. We weren’t going to be able to operate our hayride or any of our other special activities. Our traditional Halloween song-and-dance show wasn’t going to happen, and our decorations were even going to be reduced dramatically. 

We decided that all of these elements together were too important to our Happy Halloween Weekends, and decided not to move forward with the event. 

It broke our hearts. We dreaded making any announcements because if we didn’t announce it, maybe it wouldn’t be real. But it was real, so we did announce the shortened hours and the shortened season. If you’re a Season Passholder, you probably already saw our update in the middle of the summer with your updated perks. 

To be frank, this might have been the worst of all of the difficult choices we’ve had to make this season. And there have been a lot. 

But we’re hopeful that this fall and off-season are going to bring the world a little closer to right-side-up and we’re hopeful that our 2021 season can feel like any other season here at Holiday World. We hope that next year brings the return of Happy Halloween Weekends along with our other exciting events. 

The only thing I can say for certain is that our team will be ready to adapt to anything once again next year, and we’re excited to continue being a place where you can leave the outside world behind.

It’s what my family has been doing for 74 years, and we’re gearing up for year 75.


Leah Koch

Director of Communications and Fourth-Generation Owner, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari