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Podcast Season 2, Episode 17: The One with the New-er Game

Podcast Episode 17 is dedicated to our listener feedback!

If you have questions or comments for the pod squad, you can do so by calling 812-937-4401 then dial 8081, by emailing us at, or by reaching out to us on social media using the hashtag #HOWOPO.

We jump directly into feedback and NOT introducing the different voices on the podcast.

Bob Green breaks the ice with this culinary innovation:





We’re super on board for mystery podcast member #1’s (whom we’ll get to know as David) innovation of DEEP FRYING the bacon on a stick!





Bob Green shared a connection between the smell at Gobbler Getaway and beard oil.
None of the people around the table have beards, so we’re going to have to take your word for it!

Leah took the moment to introduce David our guest, Matt B., William Koch, and Sabrina.
We recorded out of order so after a moment of confusion, we get back on track.

David jumped into how he became friends with Leah and how curly fries were almost
a deal-breaker. 





We are OBSESSED with The Voyage too! Did you see it lifted to #4 from #7 in the USA Today Poll?







No worries @RibsinBacon, we’re too far into the HoliWood kNights theme to NOT include the intermission music!
How far are we into this? Stephen gave our entire office new titles in the reveal video and they are hilarious.













Raptor Girl, thank you for calling out the lack of Oboe, we’ll try to give Leah a break from hosting








We are so glad that we were able to get a new date for HoliWood kNights!
Noted: Matt B. also hates birds. David is 100% going to use that new knowledge.

There is no inter-office fudge delivery, BUT you can purchase it at Candy Cane Confectionary.
Shout out to Tina and her amazing team!!











Check out that impressive score from Theme Park Families Podcast!!







Does it get more American than bacon?
Alex, we need you to clarify. Is this cartoon bacon or real bacon?

We need your feedback!

What do you think of the new game??
Do you think Sabrina and William were robbed?

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