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Podcast: The One with the Rise and Shine

This podcast is a sweet time capsule that we chose not to bury.

Despite now having an early June opening day, our team will soon begin safely preparing our world-class parks, which is the perfect segue to introduce our guests for Season two, episode eleven:

The wonderful Cathy G. and Chad Benefield joined us!

Cathy is our Director of Park Services which covers the bussers, sweepers, morning grounds, flowers, AND landscaping teams who keep our parks looking impeccable despite all the free sunscreen and soft drinks!


During the first half of this episode, Cathy talks us through what it takes to get the parks tucked in for winter and then ready to go for opening day. They literally clean everything from the rafters to the floors.

We could not be more thankful for her leadership and wonderful team!!

After the break, we chatted with the one and only Chad of WBKR
He’s a hardcore enthusiast from the top of his head right down to his tube socked feet.

Shoutout to Chad’s momma for digging out this gem:

Chad is no stranger to Holiday World!

You may also know him as our emcee extraordinaire for events like Thunderbird and Cheetah Chase.

Enjoy this throwback to 2014!

On the podcast, Chad discusses how we are able to convince him to do not one attraction unveilings, but two with such vigor when he had no clue what the ride was going to be.

Although he’s a super fan, we got to share about the time we were featured on the Colbert Report during the fabled “Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude”. Colbert hosted a Lincoln-versus-Santa showdown for the ages:

Will on The Colbert Report


As Leah feared, Chad stole the podcast for the next three whole episodes and none of us are mad about it. 

As always, we hope you enjoy listening along as much as we do the recording and production of the podcast.

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