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What’s your merriest memory?

Communications Team

We’re almost a full week into isolation here in Indiana. And as someone who’s never been too far from Holiday World for terribly long, I’m already starting to miss my office and daily walks around the park (see the picture of the Olympic speed walking team also known as the Communications Team to the right–left to right: Josh, Sabrina, and Myself).

But being cooped up has brought out more than just the wish for a sunny walk amongst coasters.

When you’re at the park every day, you can feel the history. My great-grandfather opened Santa Claus Land in 1946. This park has grown and changed through the years and you can see the changes my grandfather made. And the changes my father made. And the changes my siblings, my mom, and I have made. (See photo: My dad, Will Koch, at the Grand Opening of Splashin Safari back in 1993 )

Shows Will Koch on opening day of Splashin' Safari in 1993

You can feel the echoes of laughter from 74 years of people coming through the gates. And the presence of memories from tens of millions of visitors.

It’s something really special.

So to help, I’ve been browsing through some archival images and soaking up some of our history.

But Holiday World’s history isn’t just about the Koch family. It’s about everyone who’s ever visited and shared a happy memory.

In times like these, it’s great to feel the presence of the Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari community–we’ve had a ton of fun sharing ways to bring Holiday World home at Holidog’s Digital FunTown.

But we’re also looking toward our Opening Day, and ready to hear the real laughter and joy coming from the park once again.

Until then, I’m asking a favor of all of you. Please share your favorite stories and memories of Santa Claus Land and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. Comment below, and/or share your photos on social media using the hashtag #MerryMemories.

Because until the sun rises on Opening Day on those beautiful wooden coasters and wave pool beaches, we’ll be missing YOU.


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