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Podcast: The One with All the Food

We kick off this episode with a reminder that our podcasts are prerecorded, so we were blissfully unaware that we would all be working remotely when this podcast released. We hope you laugh as much as we did making this podcast and dream of sunny days with ALL the Holiday World food.

Season 2, Episode 9 is available now!

So I have to apologize to our guest, Lori G.
In true PodSquad fashion, we were so ready to eat that we completely forgot to take a group picture.

But look at this amazing food..can you blame us?

Listen along and enjoy these pictures of the new food items coming to the park in 2020.

Pictured above the PodSquad got to try out the breaded tenderloin, crab rangoon, fried avocado, churro donut, and the Crispy on Delivery fry.

It may look like a whole lot of brown, but oh my crunchy tasty goodness!

Matt B. and Lori G. also mentioned other exciting treats that you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to learn about!

What new food are you looking to try this season?

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