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A Thousand Words

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, you’re about to become very well-read as we look through our most popular Instagram photos from 2019.

Ready to see the highlights? Let’s get started!

Number 5: Airtime!

We kick things off at HoliWood Nights, our coaster enthusiast event that we host each year on the weekend after Memorial Day. This set of photos was taken on our Thunderbird and Voyage walkback tour.

Want to join us for HoliWood Nights in 2020 to get some really cool behind the scenes pictures and tons of time on our coasters? Tickets are already on sale for members of any of our partner clubs. Get more information here!

Number 4: Sunset over The Voyage

The Voyage makes another appearance in this sunset photo I captured on a warm evening in July.

I was leaving for the day when I turned to get one final look at the Voyage before heading home. I saw a beautiful silhouette of the coaster against a fiery sunset. My first instinct was to stop and get a photo.

Number 3: A Birthday Hint

Next up is a photo of birthday cake from the park’s 73rd birthday in August.

Notice anything unusual about the writing on the cake that we shared with our seasonal employees? Did you put the clues together? It’s the red number 3. It was an early hint that our 3rd water coaster was just days away from being announced.

Number 2: Choose Your Side

Speaking of that announcement. We close out the list with two posts about Cheetah Chase, our new launched water coaster coming in 2020.

The first video we posted after our announcement showed the POV perspective from both lanes on Cheetah Chase. It was our first post to ever receive more than 3,000 likes!

Number 1: Race to the Top

Our most-liked photos from 2019 were all the best views from the Cheetah Chase renderings.

Highlighting the first flat-launch on a water coaster, soaring flying saucer turns, a head-to-head dueling zone, and a race to the finish, we’re sure that some real-life shots of Cheetah Chase will make this list in 2020.

Can’t wait to ride Cheetah Chase this season? You can take a virtual ride now – AND save up to $35 on Season Passes through January 15!

Want to follow along as we finish building Cheetah Chase and prepare for the season? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and share your favorite photos from the park as well!

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