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HoWoHacks: Kid Safety

If your goal is to leave Holiday World with the same number of kids you came with, these are the hacks for you! Read on to learn safety tips to keep your trip fun and memorable! For this post, I’ll be using a picture from our last trip of the 2018 Season.

HoWoHack #1: Take a group photo before you enter the park.

In the event someone gets separated from the group, you can show a member of our team a photo of what your child is wearing.  If I’m stressed my recall of what my kid is wearing is going to be hazy. Having a photo to share with a Holiday World staff member gives us an idea of what your child looks like to help us find them faster.
Jones girls ready for Holiday World in 2018
Jones girls ready for Holiday World in 2018

HoWoHack #2: Pick up a FREE Phone Find wristband!

Phone Find wrist bands have a space to write your cell-phone number and name on the wristband.  If your child is wearing the Phone Find wrist band, we will call you to reunite you with your child. These can be picked up at the Wagon Rental, Holiday World’s Height Station, Holiday World Services, and Splashin’ Safari Services.  
Madeline with her FREE Phone Find Bracelet
Madeline with her FREE Phone Find Bracelet
Have a conversation with your kids before you enter the park about what to do if you get separated. When we turn on the Santa Claus exit we discuss what color polos the “Holiday World Helpers” wear: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Grey. Let them know a uniformed park employee can help them if they get lost. If your children are older, plan a meeting place like the fountain in the Christmas section or the Lost Parents station next to Watubee in Splashin’ Safari.  Here are all of our park uniforms in one great photo!
A picture with all Holiday World Uniforms represented.
A picture with all Holiday World Uniforms represented.

HoWoHack #3: Bring your stroller.

You are welcome to bring a standard-size stroller or wagon at no additional cost. Utilizing a stroller or wagon helps us keep our group together, especially in congested areas. Strollers and wagons are also available to be rented for the duration of your visit. More details about renting strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, and scooters can be found on our Rules & Services page.
We love our double stroller!

HoWoHack #4: Take a photo to remember where you parked your car.

You can see it happening at the end of every trip to Holiday World: People using their car remotes to find their vehicle. This is a great idea until several people are doing it at the same time! All the great memories you just made pushed out your memory of your parking spot. Do yourself a favor a take a picture of the row or tram stop nearest your car.  
Take a picture of the signage where you are parked!
We were way out in the Legend lot!

HoWoHack #5: If you have a runner, stick to the park areas with one exit and entrance.

Did you know that the sections focused on our tiniest guests have one entrance and exit? The following areas are laid out with parents with small (and fast!) children in mind: Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch, Holidog’s Fun Town, Safari Sam’s SplashLand, and the section with Tembo Tides, Tembo Falls, and Kima Bay. Be sure to subscribe to the HoliBlog for more HoWoHacks and updates on Cheetah Chase!

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