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Hoosier choice for “Monster of the Year?”

During Happy Halloween Weekends, Hoosier Celebration Stage gets a touch of spooky fun!

Our Monster Mash Cast stirs up a fright!
Our Monster Mash Cast from left to right: Monster of Ceremonies, Blair Witch, Damien, Miss Evilina, Luna Gaga, Stitches the Clown

Monster Mash is one of our brand new spooktacular shows that puts you in the judges seat to crown “Monster of the Year.” Keep reading to the very bottom for a sneak peek!

Sit a spell and let us introduce you to these supernaturally talented contestants:

Monster of Ceremonies

Our emcee, Monster of Ceremonies, kicks off the competition by introducing us to the contestants and spends the entirety of the show keeping them from too much mischief. When he’s not running the show, Zach calls New York home.

Blair Witch

The lovely lady in lavender, Blair Witch enchants us with songs like “Jump in the Line” and “I’ll Put A Spell On You.” Her song list is full of high energy music that will leave you dancing in your seat and ready to give her your vote. Cassidy’s haunted home is in Maine. 


Our Hungry Monster, Damien, stalks the stage hungry for a victory and his next victim. He’ll be the one with the rough gait and hunched over posture, if that doesn’t narrow it down, you’ll recognize him as the monster singing “Cannibal” and “Maneater.” When he’s not searching for brains for brunch, Marc calls our nation’s capital home.

Miss Evilina

One thing is evident, the reigning “Monster of the Year” may not be ready to pass the torch. As a former beauty queen, Miss Evilina  is green with envy as the other contestants compete for HER title. As the competition co-host she bewitches us with her vocals to “The Monster” and “Queen of the Night.”  Emma calls the ghoul grass state of Kentucky her home.

Luna Gaga

Luna Gaga, the Pop Monster brings spunk to the stage with her poppin’ pitch and personality in songs like “E.T”  and “Bad Guy.” Don’t let the tutu fool you, dripping in jewels and sass, she’s a force to be reckoned with for her competitors. Elly comes from neighboring Illinois.

Stitches the Clown

Stitches the Clown gets the last laugh! He lives up to his title of “Scary Monster” as he brings the fright with his chilling vocals and disturbing glances!  He unnerves and entertains the crowd with songs like “Sweet Dreams” and “Zombie.”  Rudy is a native of Tennessee.

Now that you’ve met them all, I don’t know how you’ll choose!

These ultra talented ghouls make it VERY hard to pick a favorite, but at the very end Monster of Ceremonies will ask the crowd to decide. As he announces each Monster’s name, it will be up to you to hoot and howl to cast your vote!

You’ll have to be present to make your vote count, but here is a sneak peek so you can make an informed decision:

 Want to know when our creatures will take the stage? Check out our Today: At A Glance during Happy Halloween Weekends.


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