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Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

Each year for Happy Halloween Weekends, our seasonal Team Members transform the park to give it a festive Halloween Feeling. So our Communications team set out while the park was still being decorated. Since we’re still in Santa Claus, Indiana, it just makes sense to call it a walk in a “Halloween Wonderland.” I’m sorry.

Communications Team
Communications team from left to right: Josh, Sabrina, and myself













First we ran into Allison and Amanda from Entertainment and Events. They were hard at work spray-painting hay bales:

Amanda and Alison with "Frankenstraw" hay bale
Allison (left) and Amanda (right) posing with their work of art… we like to call him FrankenstrawHaybales in progress





















If you haven’t seen these (as well as our Kitty Claws hay bales painted by my talented sister Lauren), you’re missing out.

 Lauren Hay Kitties Snap

In case you haven’t visited before during our Happy Halloween Weekends, you should know the fun and festive decorations you’re missing out on…

There’s lovely fall decor:

 HHW Decor

And spooky additions like this giant Spider’s web over our Spider’s Web games:

Spiders WebSpider Shadow

And cute little monsters hiding in our landscaping:

Avenue of Flags EyesAlamo Eyes

We have new balloons:

    Balloons Walkway

And photo opportunities galore…

Kitty Pumpkin Chirstmas Plaza
The Kitty Claws Pumpkin


Haunted Houses
The Spooky Houses Hill


Josh posing with pumpkins photo opportunity
Josh was a good sport posing with the pumpkins here


Sabrina Scarecrow
Sabrina as a scarecrow (though after we took this picture they moved things around and now there’s a cute Halloween train there)


Leah posing in Kitty's trick or treat bag
…and if I forced Josh and Sabrina to take pictures I had to take one too…

Sabrina and I even stopped by the 4th of July wall (painted just this year by the way) for a quick photo shoot.  If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a great background for some excellent selfies. 

Sabrina 4th of July WallPatriotic Wall


And just to tie the title of this blog post back in from that tangent, I’ve re-written some lyrics from Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 

People scream, are you listening?

In the maze, voices whispering

A most frightful sight, 

It’s spooky tonight,

Walking in a Halloween Wonderland


Enjoy getting that tune unstuck from your head. I’ll be singing it for the next week…

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