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Cheetah Chase Check In

First Bit of Concrete for Cheetah Chase
The first footer being poured. Cheetah Chase will have 56 total.

Ever since we announced that we’re building the World’s First Launched Water Coaster, we’ve received a lot of comments and questions about it.

One of the most-asked questions: “When are you going to start building Cheetah Chase?”

Well, that wait is over. 

We started just over a week ago when the first footers were poured in the area between Bahari River and Kima Bay.

At just before 9am, the first concrete truck pulled in and the slide’s foundation began to take shape!

But what about the slide pieces?

Cheetah Chase Slide Pieces
The first pieces of Cheetah Chase to arrive from Canada.

We got a special delivery this Thursday.

The first four truckloads of fiberglass were delivered from ProSlide.

The first pieces to arrive include sections of the slide’s “flying saucer” turns. Those are the turns that have an open section on the inside that you can look up into as you change directions.

You can get a closer view of these pieces if you visit during Happy Halloween Weekends.

If you take one of our Hay Rides to the Corn Mazes, you’ll pass by the pieces that have arrived.

It just so happens that the colors of the slides match the upcoming holiday perfectly!

Are you ready to ride?

Be sure to purchase your 2020 Season Pass by this Sunday, September 15 to save up to $51 per pass. You’ll be able to ride all season long next year.

The real Cheetah Chase may not be finished yet, but you can still take a virtual ride now!

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