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Top 10 reasons you’ll love Kids World

Kids World is almost over already! There’s only two days left (and two days left of water park time if you’re counting), and if you haven’t visited yet you’re about to miss out. Here’s the Top 10 reasons you’ll love Kids World:

10. All the Rides & Slides you love at no extra cost

That’s right! Kids World is simply part of the ticket when you enter the park on an event date. There’s extra entertainment, food, and activities for little ones, but the park will still operate the same. 

Thunderbird and Crow's Nest   Splashin' Safari

9. Balloons!

We’ve decorated the whole park in balloons to make the whole park more festive!

Kids World Balloons

Santa with Kids World Balloons


8. Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunt map is $5.99 and comes with a free prize–we won’t tell you what! 

If you want to know more about our scavenger hunt, check out this video!

Scavenger Hunt MapScavenger Hunt Stickers

7. Stilt Walkers 

We have stilt walkers wandering the park and making balloon animals!

Stilt Walkers  Stilt Walker 2


Our special bubbles Fun Zone has more bubbles than you can imagine. 

Nicki Fuhrman Bubbles2  Nicki Fuhrman Bubbles


Our Fun Zone by Pilgrim’s Plaza has loads of percussion instruments including drums, cymbals, and more! 

4. Special Deals

We have special deals around the park such as $0.99 french fries, popcorn, and cotton candy. We also have $1.99 chicken nuggets (pictured below) and $1.99 hot dogs. You can’t beat these deals!

 Kids World 99cent Fries

3. Mermaids or Unicorns?

Our Mermaid Sundae is available at Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe and our Unicorn Sundae is available at Udderly Blue

 Unicorn Sundae from Udderly Blue

2. Magic

Our favorite comedy magician, Brandon Baggett is back with his LOL Comedy Magic Show (if you haven’t seen the motorcycle appear, you haven’t really seen the show yet)!

LOL Magic Motorcycle Appearing

1. Entertainment!

Our KrAzY Kids World Variety show features comedy juggler Matt Jergens, “Balloon Guy” Daniel Herron, and it’s hosted by Don Baggett! 

Unicycle Juggling Fire  Balloon Guy


There’s two Saturdays left of Kids World 2019 and then Happy Halloween Weekends start. Park hours are here

We can’t wait to see you there!

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