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The Ride that Got Away

(A note from your “Holiblog Editor,” Leah: Introducing Sabrina! She’s our new media relations manager and a long-time fan of Holiday World. We’re so excited to have her join the team, and she’s excited to share her stories of the park from years ago and today.)



Hootie was still with the Blowfish.

George Clooney was Batman.

Our hearts did not go on like Celine Deon suggested (there was room on that door, Rose).

I was FINALLY tall enough to ride the Firecracker Roller Coaster.

The walkway leading to the Firecracker Roller Coaster in 1984.













At that age my favorite attractions were: The Scarecrow Scrambler, The Wave Pool, and Raging Rapids.

Up to that point I’d never been tall enough to ride the Firecracker. My secret was that I wasn’t terribly heartbroken by the restriction.

I remember our last trip of the 1997 season. After a great day in both parks, we were leaving Splashin’ Safari and making our way to the Firecracker Roller Coaster.

(Not to be confused with the incredibly restored Firecracker calypso ride.)

Here’s a visual of us having fun in the 90’s: 

Harpenau family circa 1997.













The non-existent “after picture” would’ve looked much different.

All I saw was height, metal, and speed.

The Firecracker was in operation for 11 seasons at Holiday World.












I had a meltdown that rivaled the hoopla of Y2K madness.

Regardless of meeting the size requirement, I was not ready to ride the Firecracker.

I vividly recall vowing that 1998 would be the year I faced my fear as I watched my big sister ride (Did you know you can now “parent swap” on rides?)

1997 was the final season for the coaster to make way for Holidog’s FunTown.

As Summer begins to make way for Fall, the 1997 Sabrina would tell you to do it all!

Happy Halloween Weekends are six weekends packed of the very best in Fall foods, entertainment, and memories to be made for everyone.

Believe me, Winter is L O N G and you don’t want that kind of baggage to follow you!

In those 20 years I’ve developed a love for coasters and  I’m excited to work where families make memories they will treasure for a lifetime.

Regardless if you ride them all, we will be here to help you make new memories in the Spring of 2020.

The rides, slides, entertainment and treats you’ve always loved and new additions like Cheetah Chase will all be here.

Time heals all wounds, the world’s first launched water coaster sure speeds up the process! 

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