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A sensory story

Here’s a story from a few years back, when a coaster-loving autistic teen needed less of a sensory storm for his first ride on Thunderbird.

I remember hearing about this kind act back when it happened and am grateful for the reminder posted this week by Coaster Chit Chat.

We probably all have sensory issues when it comes to storms – thunder can be quite alarming! I remember, long ago, my beloved Grandma Cassidy trying to calm my young brothers and me during a wild storm. She told us about a woman she knew who would hide in a closet during storms. That darling leprechaun of a woman quickly brought us to helpless laughter. We shouted, “Grandma! You’re standing with one foot in and one foot out of the closet!”

She had calmed the storm

… even as it raged around us.

How else can we help calm the sensory storm?

We have a Calming Room, located in our First Aid building.

Please don’t hesitate to use it during your stay with us.

And finally, here’s another story (from another park) that gives us hope for the world.
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