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“Have a nice ride”

Look who stopped by my office last week!

Mick Foley in Paula's office

No, it’s not John Goodman.

It’s WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley!

Mick likes theme parks. And Santa Claus. And he really likes roller coasters.

But because he’s been, uh … active in his career, roller coasters have been out of the question for a number of years.

Maybe it’s because he cut his hair, I don’t know – but Mick is now allowed to ride steel coasters.

As long as they’re smoooooth

2019 Mick Foley on Thunderbird

When I asked Mick if he enjoyed Thunderbird, his response was: I love it! I think it’s the smoothest coaster I’ve ever ridden!

Now I’m the first to admit it looks like we Photoshopped Mick into this on-ride Gobbler Getaway photo, but we didn’t!

Wrestler Mick Foley riding Gobbler Getaway

Before his visit, I asked Mick if he needed security while in the park. It was really nice that he felt it wasn’t necessary – that our park Guests are friendly and respectful.

Wrestler Mick Foley has been a friend of this park for decades.

Even back when he was a bit shaggy.

Mick & Santa in 2016

Are you a big fan of Mankind? Here’s Mick’s tag so you can read other HoliBlog posts about him and listen to our podcast interviews.

Because … Foley really is good.
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