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Ornamental fountain

Here’s something you don’t exactly see every day …

Ornaments fountain

… not even in the town of Santa Claus!

It arrived first thing this morning: Our shiny new ornamental fountain (get it?).

Ornamental fountain

Take a look at the fun

And so, you may ask, what happened to that perfectly good other fountain statue?

No worries! The Applause Fountain statue is safe!

The story behind those hands is that the statue was made after we won the International Applause Award in 2004.

Park President Will Koch was over the moon to win. We were the smallest park ever to be named the best in the industry.

Will holding the Applause Award

He’d promised the staff if we won, we’d have a huge version made for the fountain.

So where are the hands going?

New Applause Hands location

They’re going down to our employee entrance area. (This is a rendering; we’ll get this park setting finished up later this spring.)

Let’s crop in so you can read the sign, with its message from Will, who passed away suddenly in 2010.

Applause Award sign

We hope you’ll agree Will’s message will inspire our Team Members for years to come as they arrive to start another day of fun.
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