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Wattle we ride first?

Some may find this to be fowl, but if you take a look at turkey anatomy, you’ll know a wattle is that fleshy neck thingy (technically speaking, of course).

The other weird turkey word? The snood of course. That’s the hangy thing over the turkey’s beak.

Turkey Whirl logo
That red thingy flying up right under the turkey’s eye? That’s the snood.

Speaking of snood, did you know the farmer in Gobbler Getaway has a name?

It’s Farmer Van Snoodle

Farmer Van Snoodle

This all makes sense now, right?

Now that we’re all settled into Turkey Land, let’s catch up!

Here’s a look at the putting-back-together of Turkey Whirl. (This is definitely a #VolumeUp video.)

Turkey Whirl is right across from Gobbler Getaway, where we’ll now offer on-ride photos.

Here’s the sign, with an interesting reflection in the window.

Gobbler Getaway Photos Sign

Right by Gobbler Getaway Photos, you’ll see a few yummy additions.

A Dippin’ Dots Sundae Shop and Candy Cornucopia!

Candy Cornucopia Sign

We’ll show you more about Candy Cornucopia in the weeks to come.

But for now, suffice it to say …

Salt. Water. Taffy.

Salt Water Taffy

No doubt lots of our visitors will gobble down these flavors – 18 in all!
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